Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu - Book Review - tUG
The Geek takes a bloody stab at the first lesbian vampire. [9/3/2022]
Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
The definitive work of dystopian fiction is essential reading for the modern world, but it's often misappropriated. [7/7/2022]
War for the Planet of the Apes - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
Five years before giving us The Batman, writer/director Matt Reeves gave us another masterpiece that competes for title of best in its franchise. [3/10/2022]
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
If anything, the Geek loves this sequel even more. [2/3/2022]
21 Things I Learned in 2021 - tUG
The geek continues his annual tradition of finding a steadily increasing number of things to discuss about the previous year. [1/7/2022]
Rise of the Planet of the Apes - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
Does the second reboot hold true to the franchise? [12/23/2021]
Planet of the Apes (2001) - Movie Review - tUG
Tim Burton's re-building of the property is not structurally sound enough to make for a good movie. [12/9/2021]
Battle for the Planet of the Apes - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
A good concept is ruined by terrible execution. [11/11/2021]
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
The darkest and most violent entry is also one of the best. [11/4/2021]
Beneath the Planet of the Apes - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
The original is a hard act to follow. [10/21/2021]
Planet of the Apes (1968) - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
This is a masterclass in film adaptation. [10/14/2021]
Planet of the Apes by Pierre Boulle - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
The novel doesn't deserve to be overshadowed by the franchise it birthed. [9/30/2021]
Nemesis - Summer of Asimov II - tUG
It may not be Asimov's best work, but don't let Nemesis convince you he is anything other than one of the greatest sci-fi writers of all time. [9/23/2021]
Nightfall (1988) - Summer of Asimov II - tUG
The story deserved far better than this. [9/16/2021]
"Nightfall" - Summer of Asimov II - tUG
It is one of the greatest short stories of the 20th Century, full stop. [9/9/2021]
Foundation and Earth - Summer of Asimov II - tUG
The Foundation series has one final puzzle to solve. [9/2/2021]
Foundation's Edge - Summer of Asimov II - tUG
It's not the best of the series, but it is a worthy addition. [8/12/2021]
Forward the Foundation - Summer of Asimov II - tUG
Even though it's another prequel, this is Asimov's incredible final testament to his life's work, through the cypher of Hari Seldon. [7/29/2021]
Prelude to Foundation - Summer of Asimov II - tUG
It's a well-written adventure with much to praise, but some of the retconning is hard to forgive. [7/8/2021]
Second Foundation - Summer of Asimov II - tUG
The search for another Foundation at the other end of the galaxy proves to be a nigh impossible task but an exciting adventure. [6/24/2021]
Foundation and Empire - Summer of Asimov II - tUG
This is the end of an Empire, and the fall of a Foundation. [6/17/2021]
Foundation - Summer of Asimov II - tUG
Writing a series of futuristic short stories riffing off the fall of the Roman Empire, Asimov built one of the greatest landmarks in science-fiction. [6/10/2021]
The Further Adventures of Lucky Starr - Summer of Asimov II - tUG
We kick off the second Summer of Asimov with the second half of his juvenile mystery series. [6/3/2021]
The Creature Walks Among Us - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
It's a weird follow-up for the Gill-Man, but in its own right, this is a surprisingly good film. [5/13/2021]
Revenge of the Creature - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
A good example of a bad sequel, this movie is big on potential but small on delivery. [5/6/2021]
Creature from the Black Lagoon - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
The last of the original Universal Monsters emerges in a film that is more than just a classic. [4/15/2021]
Godzilla vs. Kong - Movie Review - tUG
This might not only save cinemas, but more importantly, it might save Legendary's MonsterVerse. [4/1/2021]
Zack Snyder's Justice League - Movie Review - tUG
This extended and improved version of a cinematic trainwreck is a major victory for artistic integrity, but it's still a flawed film. [3/25/2021]
The Invisible Man's Revenge - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
A reboot that aims to get back to basics, this entry in the Universal franchise is unfortunately uninspired. [3/18/2021]
Invisible Agent - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
This is the most uneven entry in the classic Invisible Man franchise, but it's also the most financially successful. [3/11/2021]
The Ghost of Frankenstein - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
The fourth entry in the classic Universal Frankenstein franchise is where it devolves into formulaic mediocrity. [3/4/2021]
Robert Wise: The Motion Pictures by J.R. Jordan - Book Review - tUG
A fascinating dive into the work of an overlooked cinematic genius. [2/25/2021]
Son of Frankenstein - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
A rare good third entry in a franchise, Son of Frankenstein captures the feel of its predecessors, even if it kind of misses the point. [2/18/2021]
The Last Mimzy - Movie Review - tUG
Turning the source material into a generic family film is an unforgivable waste of potential. [1/28/2021]
"Mimsy Were the Borogoves" by Lewis Padgett - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
Toys from the future set the stage for a frightening fantasy full of profound ideas. [1/21/2021]
The Midnight Sky - Movie Review - tUG
George Clooney's sci-fi apocalypse film is very well-made and certainly worth a watch, but it's held back by a few unfortunate choices. [1/14/2021]
Lathe of Heaven (2002) - Movie Review - tUG
Despite some good acting and an interesting atmosphere, this version makes several unusual changes that ruin the story. [1/7/2021]
20 Things I Learned in 2020 - tUG
Even dumpster fires teach important lessons. [12/31/2020]
The Lathe of Heaven (1980) - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
This micro-budget PBS production is pretty good, all things considered. [12/10/2020]
The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. Le Guin - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
This reality-warping homage to Philip K. Dick and Taoism has a lot of personal meaning for the Geek. [12/3/2020]
Dr. Bloodmoney by Philip K. Dick - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
One can never really be prepared for the weirdness of Philip K. Dick. [11/19/2020]
"The Sentinel" by Arthur C. Clarke - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
The Geek reviews one of Clarke's earliest and most significant short stories. [11/12/2020]
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - Movie Review - tUG
This is an absurd and anvillicious little film, but I love it nonetheless. [10/29/2020]
Frankenstein: The True Story - Movie Review - tUG
The three-hour made-for-TV movie is interesting and different, but also flawed and overlong. [10/22/2020]
Bride of Frankenstein - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
The Geek has an unpopular opinion regarding which James Whale Frankenstein film is better. [10/15/2020]
Frankenstein (1931) - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
The 1931 film adaptation of Mary Shelley's novel is arguably more important and influential. [10/8/2020]
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
The Geek reviews the first science-fiction novel. [10/1/2020]
I am Legend - Movie Review - tUG
A mixed bag of a film that isn't terrible, the Will Smith version of Matheson's novel isn't very good either. [9/17/2020]
The Omega Man - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
It's the least faithful adaptation, but it's probably the most entertaining. [9/10/2020]
The Last Man on Earth (1964) - Movie Review - tUG
It might be the most faithful Hollywood adaptation of Matheson's I am Legend, but it's still not a very good movie. [9/3/2020]
I am Legend by Richard Matheson - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
While certainly qualifying as horror, this post-apocalyptic vampire classic is a scientific parable with a killer twist. [8/28/2020]
Slaughterhouse-Five - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
This 1972 film adaptation of Vonnegut's anti-war satire is surprisingly good. [8/20/2020]
The Gods Themselves - Summer of Asimov I - tUG
Asimov deals in aliens and parallel universes in this mind-bending three-part novel. [8/13/2020]
The Currents of Space - Summer of Asimov I - tUG
The Galactic Empire Trilogy finally finds its groove. [8/6/2020]
The Stars, Like Dust - Summer of Asimov I - tUG
The Geek dissects the grandmaster's least favorite Asimov novel. [7/30/2020]
Pebble in the Sky - Summer of Asimov I - tUG
It's a bit clunky, but as first novels go, this introduction to the Galactic Empire is entertaining enough. [7/23/2020]
I, Robot (film) - Summer of Asimov I - tUG
The Geek gets on his soapbox to defend the best Asimov film adaptation to date. [7/16/2020]
Robots and Empire - Summer of Asimov I - tUG
The final robot novel is more thematically dense than it might appear, but is it really more than just a bridging episode between two bigger stories? [7/9/2020]
The Robots of Dawn - Summer of Asimov I - tUG
Asimov begins tying his robots into his other series in a mixed bag of a novel. [6/25/2020]
The Naked Sun - Summer of Asimov I - tUG
This accidentally prescient follow-up to The Caves of Steel is an improvement over its predecessor. [6/18/2020]
The Caves of Steel - Summer of Asimov I - tUG
The first robot novel is a brisk paperback thriller that finds a good harmony between pulpy fun and intelligent science-fiction. [6/11/2020]
Bicentennial Man (film) - Summer of Asimov I - tUG
Hollywood's first stab at a big budget adaptation of Asimov's work misses the mark. [6/4/2020]
The Complete Robot - Summer of Asimov I - tUG
Here are the stories that fleshed out The Three Laws of Robotics, Asimov's most enduring legacy. [5/28/2020]
The Adventures of Lucky Starr - Summer of Asimov I - tUG
We launch the first Summer of Asimov with a series of young adult mystery/sci-fi novels about a Space Ranger. [5/21/2020]
War of the Worlds (2005) - Movie Review - tUG
I may have liked it in 2005, but in 2020, Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds isn't a particularly great movie. [5/14/2020]
The War of the Worlds (1953) - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
Arguably the best H.G. Wells film adaptation ever made. [5/7/2020]
The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
In a career filled with massively influential science-fiction novels, this is Wells' most important work. [4/30/2020]
"The Man Who Walked Home" by James Tiptree, Jr. - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
The Geek reads a story by one of the most fascinating sci-fi writers of the Twentieth Century. [4/23/2020]
Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
Vonnegut uses science-fiction to highlight the absurdity of war. [4/16/2020]
Alien: Covenant - Movie Review - tUG
Ridley Scott's prequel sequel is the best Alien movie in thirty years. [4/9/2020]
Prometheus - Movie Review - tUG
Ridley Scott's divisive Alien prequel is both great and terrible. [4/2/2020]
Alien: Resurrection - Movie Review - tUG
The fourth entry in the Alien franchise is kind of a disaster, but it has some redeeming qualities. [3/26/2020]
Alien³ - Movie Review - tUG
The third entry in the Alien series is a bad sequel, but it's not a bad film. [3/19/2020]
Aliens - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
Ripley becomes the ultimate badass in this James Cameron masterpiece. [3/12/2020]
Alien - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
How have I been reviewing classic sci-fi movies for so long without writing about Ridley Scott's Alien? [3/5/2020]
The Invisible Man (2020) - Movie Review - tUG
It's harrowing and well-made, but it's not much fun. [2/28/2020]
Somewhere in Time - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
The movie is better than the book. [2/20/2020]
Somewhere in Time by Richard Matheson - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
The Geek finally gets around to writing about one of his childhood heroes. [2/13/2020]
Chapterhouse: Dune by Frank Herbert - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
We finally come to the end of Frank Herbert's Dune. [2/6/2020]
Heretics of Dune by Frank Herbert - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
This is by far the most action-packed novel in Frank Herbert's series. [1/30/2020]
God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
As an extended thought experiment about the future of Dune, this book is both intriguingly dense in subject matter and mind-numbingly light on story. [1/23/2020]
Frank Herbert's Children of Dune - TV Review - tUG
It is a significant improvement over the first Dune miniseries, but it has its own share of problems. [1/16/2020]
Children of Dune by Frank Herbert - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
While still not quite as excellent as the original, this sequel is a brilliant follow-up that sticks true to its roots in all the right ways. [1/9/2020]
19 Things I Learned in 2019 - tUG
Another year of lessons in politics, pop culture, and my personal life. [1/2/2020]
The Movies of 2019 - tUG
The Geek reviews Glass, Avengers: Endgame, Toy Story 4, Gemini Man, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, among others. [12/26/2019]
Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
It's an essential book in the series, but nevertheless a disappointing follow-up to the superior original. [12/19/2019]
Frank Herbert's Dune (2000) - TV Review - tUG
This Sci-Fi Channel miniseries has a sterling reputation, but the Geek can't figure out why. [12/12/2019]
Dune (1984) - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
It's a flawed film to be sure, but there are good reasons it has become a cult classic. [12/5/2019]
Dune by Frank Herbert - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
This is one of the greatest novels ever written. Full stop. [11/28/2019]
The Word for World is Forest by Ursula K. Le Guin - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
Despite being atypically one-dimensional and preachy, this is undoubtedly one of Le Guin's most important works. [11/21/2019]
Babel-17 by Samuel R. Delany - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
This is a work of startling genius, but it's not for the uninitiated. [11/14/2019]
Terminator: Dark Fate - Movie Review - tUG
Everything about this movie is fine, except the story. [11/7/2019]
Memoirs of an Invisible Man - Movie Review - tUG
John Carpenter's adaptation of H.F. Saint's novel does some things right, but ultimately fails to live up to its premise. [10/31/2019]
Memoirs of an Invisible Man by H.F. Saint - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
A flawed novel, Saint's retelling of The Invisible Man is still a classic in its own right. [10/24/2019]
Hollow Man - Movie Review - tUG
Paul Verhoeven's attempt to salvage his career with an updated adaptation of Wells' novel fails on every level but one. [10/17/2019]
The Invisible Woman (1940) - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
The third entry in Universal's monster movie franchise is, weirdly enough, a situational comedy. [10/10/2019]
The Invisible Man Returns - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
It might not be as groundbreaking as the original, but it is certainly entertaining. [10/3/2019]
The Invisible Man (1933) - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
Claude Rains' amazing performance makes up for any failings in this vintage Universal monster movie adaptation of H.G. Wells' novel. [9/26/2019]
The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
The science-fiction grandfather's most iconic villain is a good starting point for people interested in H.G. Wells' work. [9/19/2019]
Logan's Run - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
This is a flawed but important film that is best kept separate from the novel. [9/12/2019]
Logan's Run by William F. Nolan & George Clayton Johnson - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
The novel might have a better story than the film, but it goes by so quick, it never has time to mature into something great. [9/5/2019]
Alien by Alan Dean Foster - Book Review - tUG
Should fans of Ridley Scott's sci-fi horror masterpiece give this novelization their attention? The Geek weighs in. [8/29/2019]
IGIST by L.S. Larson - Book Review - tUG
This is a sci-fi adventure so good, it deserves to be a phenomenon. [8/22/2019]
The Number of the Beast (Summer of Heinlein) - Book Review - tUG
The Geek sums up what he's learned about Heinlein and touches on one of the master's most notorious missteps. [8/15/2019]
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (Summer of Heinlein) - Book Review - tUG
If you can only read one Heinlein novel, make it this one. [8/8/2019]
Stranger in a Strange Land (Summer of Heinlein) - Book Review - tUG
Heinlein's most famous novel deals with aliens, hippy religion, and the sexual revolution. [8/1/2019]
Starship Troopers (Summer of Heinlein) - Movie Review - tUG
Thrown together from an unrelated script and directed by someone who hated the novel, this film is an offense to the source material. [7/25/2019]
Starship Troopers (Summer of Heinlein) - Book Review - tUG
Deeply provocative and easily misunderstood, Starship Troopers is arguably Heinlein's most influential work. [7/18/2019]
The Door into Summer (Summer of Heinlein) - Book Review - tUG
Heinlein's breezy time travel novel is one of his most impressive works. [7/11/2019]
Starman Jones (Summer of Heinlein) - Book Review - tUG
It may or may not be Heinlein's best juvenile, but either way, it's an important stepping stone in his career. [7/4/2019]
The Puppet Masters (Summer of Heinlein) - Movie Review - tUG
Though it tries to be true to the novel, this forgettable 90's flick loses everything that separates The Puppet Masters from generic schlock. [6/27/2019]
The Puppet Masters (Summer of Heinlein) - Book Review - tUG
While flawed, this prototypical alien invasion story is one of Heinlein's best early works. [6/20/2019]
Destination Moon (Summer of Heinlein) - Movie Review - tUG
The film that kicked off the golden age of sci-fi cinema is also an important milestone for Heinlein. [6/13/2019]
Rocket Ship Galileo (Summer of Heinlein) - Book Review - tUG
With this early juvenile about kids fighting space Nazis on the moon, the Geek kicks off his exploration of another Big Three sci-fi giant. [6/6/2019]
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) - Movie Review - tUG
The Geek reviews the latest in Legendary's MonsterVerse, a movie that sacrifices gritty realism for giant monster spectacle. [6/1/2019]
The Mothra Reviews - tUG
The Geek reviews the original Mothra and the 90's Rebirth of Mothra trilogy, along with 1956's Rodan. [5/30/2019]
Eye in the Sky by Philip K. Dick - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
This early work by the psychedelic sci-fi master is a great concept that shows immense potential, but it's not for everyone. [5/23/2019]
Forbidden Planet - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
The Geek celebrates his 500th article with a review of the greatest science-fiction film of the 1950's. [5/16/2019]
The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977) - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
This 1977 adaptation of Wells' novel, starring Burt Lancaster and Michael York, doesn't get the recognition it deserves. [5/9/2019]
The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996) - Movie Review - tUG
As trainwrecks go, this bizarre adaptation of Wells' classic is pretty entertaining. [5/2/2019]
Island of Lost Souls - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
Wells may have hated this pre-Code horror film, so salacious and controversial it was banned all over the globe, but it is a bonafide classic. [4/25/2019]
The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
Wells' most visceral and horrifying novel is as thematically deep as it is thrilling. [4/18/2019]
The Andromeda Strain (2008) - TV Review - tUG
Though the miniseries based on Crichton's novel improves upon many of the story's flaws, it adds plenty of its own. [4/11/2019]
The Andromeda Strain (1971) - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
The first blockbuster Crichton adaptation is not a bad film, but the Geek takes issue with it. [4/4/2019]
The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
While not Crichton's finest work, this sci-fi medical thriller set the mold by which his ultra-successful career would be formed. [3/28/2019]
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954) - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
Walt Disney's legendary film adaptation is arguably better than Jules Verne's novel. [3/21/2019]
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
This surprisingly accurate prediction of submarine life is both a great novel and a fatally flawed one. [3/14/2019]
Anthem by Ayn Rand - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
The dystopic tale of Equality 7-2521 is an exceptional work that doesn't deserve the baggage of its author. [3/7/2019]
Metro Exodus - Solo Gamer Reviews
How does the Metro series fare when it dares to leave its namesake behind and venture out into a more open world? [2/28/2019]
Metropolis - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
One of the first full-length science-fiction films of all time is also one of the most important. [2/21/2019]
Metro 2035 by Dmitry Glukhovsky - Book Review - tUG
The final book in Glukhovsky's trilogy is a frustrating step down for the series but a nonetheless satisfying conclusion to Artyom's story. [2/14/2019]
Metro 2034 by Dmitry Glukhovsky - Book Review - tUG
The sequel might not be about Artyom, but it is a better novel. [2/7/2019]
Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky - Book Review - tUG
The international cult megahit about the post-apocalyptic Moscow metro system deserves more recognition in the States. [1/31/2019]
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) - Movie Review - tUG
The Geek pulls no punches when deconstructing this atrocious remake. [1/24/2019]
The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
One cannot overstate the importance of its legacy. [1/17/2019]
"Farewell to the Master" by Harry Bates - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
The story that inspired The Day the Earth Stood Still is pretty neat, though quite different from what you'd expect. [1/10/2019]
18 Things I Learned in 2018 - tUG
The Geek discusses developments in his personal life, politics, and popular culture from the last twelve months. [1/3/2019]
The Movies of 2018 - tUG
The Geek reviews a ton of movies this year, including Black Panther, Ready Player One, A Quiet Place, Hereditary, The Predator, Venom, and Aquaman. [12/27/2018]
The Invasion - Movie Review - tUG
The most recent adaptation of Finney's novel is flawed, but filled with good ideas. [12/20/2018]
Body Snatchers - Movie Review - tUG
The 1993 adaptation of Finney's novel plays like a B-movie desperately trying to be taken seriously. [12/12/2018]
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
Be wary of anyone who says this isn't the best Body Snatchers film. They can't be trusted. [12/6/2018]
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
You're next! You're next! You're next! [11/29/2018]
The Body Snatchers by Jack Finney - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
Our collective pod people paranoia can be traced back to this eminent classic. [11/22/2018]
Overlord - Movie Review - tUG
This genre-blending flick about Nazi zombies is far better than it has any right being. [11/15/2018]
Neuromancer by William Gibson - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
This week, we look at the prophetic technofuturist noir novel that gave birth to cyberpunk. [11/8/2018]
"The Things" by Peter Watts - Short Story Review - tUG
THINGTOBER has been held over one week so we can get the Thing's perspective on all this. [11/1/2018]
The Thing (2011) - Movie Review - tUG
As THINGTOBER nears its conclusion, we consider the most terrifying thing of all: bad visual effects. [10/25/2018]
Halloween (2018) - Movie Review - tUG
Fans of the franchise should enjoy this soft reboot. [10/20/2018]
John Carpenter's The Thing - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
The 1982 version of The Thing has endured for over thirty years because it reflects one of the darkest aspects of the human condition. [10/18/2018]
The Thing from Another World - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
This early creature feature might have little in common with the source material, but it's still worthy of its classic status. [10/11/2018]
"Who Goes There?" by John W. Campbell - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
The story that inspired John Carpenter's The Thing is also responsible for birthing an entire subgenre of sci-fi. [10/4/2018]
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
A world without suffering or conflict might just be more terrifying than the alternative. [9/27/2018]
The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
Ursula Le Guin's 1969 exploration of gender and Taoism is as relevant today as the day it was published. [9/20/2018]
The Time Machine (2002) - Movie Review - tUG
The Geek looks for things to appreciate about 2002's remake of the 1960 classic. [9/13/2018]
The Time Machine (1960) - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review - tUG
George Pal's 1960 film adaptation of H.G. Wells' classic both honors and alters a timeless tale. [9/6/2018]
The Time Machine by H.G. Wells - Sci-Fi Classic Review - tUG
What makes this prototypical time travel tale so important? [8/30/2018]
The Gamera Trilogy Review - tUG
During Japan's Heisei era, a trio of Gamera films were released that should silence all of the giant turtle's detractors. [8/23/2018]
The Summer of Arthur C. Clarke: The Hammer of God - tUG
As a bonafide master near the end of his career, Clarke goes with a playful tone when describing a potential apocalypse. [8/16/2018]
The Summer of Arthur C. Clarke: The Songs of Distant Earth - tUG
The ideas in Clarke's post-Earth saga are fascinating, but the story is weak. [8/9/2018]
The Summer of Arthur C. Clarke: The Fountains of Paradise - tUG
Unfairly treated as little more than space elevator advocacy, this is Clarke's most personal and passionate novel. [8/2/2018]
The Summer of Arthur C. Clarke: RAMA - Solo Gamer Reviews
The Solo Gamer takes over The Summer of Clarke to review an obscure point-and-click adventure game based on the Rama series. [7/26/2018]
The Summer of Arthur C. Clarke: The Rama Sequels - tUG
The follow-ups to Rendezvous with Rama, written in collaboration with Gentry Lee, are inferior to the original but not without merit. [7/19/2018]
The Summer of Arthur C. Clarke: Rendezvous with Rama - tUG
It's finally time to dive into my personal favorite of the sci-fi master's novels. [7/12/2018]
The Summer of Arthur C. Clarke: 3001: The Final Odyssey - tUG
Frank Poole is revived a thousand years after his apparent death to show us the state of things in one of Clarke's most detailed portraits of the future. [7/5/2018]
The Summer of Arthur C. Clarke: 2061: Odyssey Three - tUG
Despite a wealth of intriguing ideas and conceptual science, the third odyssey just isn't as good. [6/28/2018]
The Summer of Arthur C. Clarke: 2010: The Year We Make Contact (film) - tUG
Peter Hyams' film isn't in the same league as Kubrick's, but it's nonetheless a worthy adaptation of Clarke's work. [6/21/2018]
The Summer of Arthur C. Clarke: 2010: Odyssey Two - tUG
This sequel is superior to its predecessor in almost every way. [6/14/2018]
The Summer of Arthur C. Clarke: 2001: A Space Odyssey (film) - tUG
Clarke and Kubrick collaborated to make one of the most important films ever made, and it changed them both forever. [6/7/2018]
The Summer of Arthur C. Clarke: 2001: A Space Odyssey - tUG
Despite being overshadowed by Kubrick's film, Clarke's original novel has plenty to offer. [5/31/2018]
The Summer of Arthur C. Clarke: The City and the Stars - tUG
The twin dystopias of Diaspar and Lys show us Clarke at his most imaginative and untethered, where his sci-fi instincts lean toward fantasy. [5/24/2018]
The Summer of Arthur C. Clarke: Childhood's End (TV) - tUG
As adaptations go, the Syfy Channel version of Childhood's End makes more improvements than you'd expect, but it stumbles a few times as well. [5/17/2018]
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With Hulk set to steal the show in Thor: Ragnarok, it's problematic that his initial debut in the MCU has been sorely neglected. [9/7/2017]
TV Review: Inhumans, "The First Chapter" - tUG
It's real bad, you guys. Real, real bad. [9/1/2017]
Writing About Politics - tUG
Getting political can be dangerous for a writer trying to build an audience, but keeping quiet is probably more dangerous for his sanity. [8/31/2017]
Movie Review: Shin Godzilla - tUG
Japan's latest Godzilla film is about as subtle as an earthquake, a tsunami, and a nuclear meltdown, but it is remarkably effective. [8/24/2017]
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When it comes to gun registries, two questions must be asked: are they effective, and do they threaten individual liberty? [2/20/2014]
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When we put all our energy into declaring war on our own words, we aren't solving any real problems. [2/7/2014]
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