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Star Trek: The Next Generation is the Star Trek I grew up with, and though I will gladly make an argument for one or two of the other shows, it is probably my favorite. For that reason, I have decided to start here. Without further ado, here are my notes for the entire run of adventures for Captain Picard and the Enterprise NCC 1701-D. (NOTE: The rewatch is not yet complete...)

Season 1
1x01: "Encounter at Farpoint" On its maiden voyage, the Enterprise encounters Q, an advanced being that puts the crew on trial for belonging to a savage race. To defend humanity, they must solve the mystery of Farpoint Station, a distant outpost where strange things are afoot.
1x03: "The Naked Now" In an episode extremely similar to the TOS episode "The Naked Time," the Enterprise crew falls victim to an infection that acts like alcohol, causing all sorts of chaos that nearly results in the ship's destruction. Also, Lieutenant Commander Data gets laid.
1x04: "Code of Honor" The Enterprise visits Ligon II, a planet with a tribal culture of beings who have manufactured a much-needed vaccine. A Ligonian leader, Lutan, kidnaps Lieutenant Yar and threatens to withhold the vaccine unless she fights to the death for his honor.
1x05: "The Last Outpost" While the Enterprise chases down a Ferengi vessel with stolen Federation property, both ships are debilitated by an energy-draining trap left behind by a long-dead alien empire.
1x06: "Where No One Has Gone Before" The Enterprise welcomes aboard a propulsion specialist and his enigmatic assistant, who are there to improve warp engine efficiency. When a warp test goes awry, the crew finds itself over a billion light years from home.
1x07: "Lonely Among Us" During a diplomatic mission, the ship is infiltrated by an alien of pure energy. When Captain Picard begins acting strangely, the crew considers a mutiny.
1x08: "Justice" During a visit to a pre-warp society, Wesley accidentally breaks a law punishable by death. The only way to save his life is to break the Prime Directive, and Captain Picard's choice is complicated by a godlike entity in orbit.
1x09: "The Battle" A Ferengi DaiMon gives Captain Picard his old ship, the USS Stargazer, free of charge, but when the captain begins reliving the vessel's last battle, it becomes clear that there is more to this deal than meets the eye.
1x10: "Hide and Q" While hurrying towards a rescue mission, the Enterprise is interrupted by Q, who offers to give Riker the power of the Q Continuum.
1x11: "Haven" As Troi prepares for an arranged marriage on board the Enterprise, an enigmatic vessel from a civilization decimated by biological warfare threatens the planet below.
1x12: "The Big Goodbye" Captain Picard and others get trapped in the middle of a hard-boiled detective story on the holodeck.
1x13: "Datalore" While visiting his homeworld, Data and the Enterprise crew discover and assemble another android, Lore. However, this dead ringer for Data may not be as perfect as he appears.
1x14: "Angel One" On a rescue mission to Angel One, a matriarchal planet where men are treated as second-class citizens, Riker pleads for the lives of a few human refugees. Meanwhile, a debilitating virus sweeps through the orbiting Enterprise.
1x15: "11001001" As Riker gets enamoured with a new and improved holodeck creation, the Enterprise is hijacked by Bynars.
1x16: "Too Short a Season" The Enterprise escorts an elderly admiral, Mark Jameson, to negotiate a hostage crisis. En route, the admiral overdoses on a de-aging drug in an effort to correct a terrible mistake he made several decades earlier.
1x17: "When the Bough Breaks" The Enterprise stumbles upon a legendary utopia, Aldea, but things quickly take a turn when the Aldeans kidnap several children.
1x18: "Home Soil" A terraforming station grinds to a halt when one of its scientists dies a violent death at the hands of what appears to be a highly intelligent, inorganic form of life.
1x19: "Coming of Age" While Wesley takes his Starfleet entrance exams, Picard and his crew are grilled by Lieutenant Commander Remmick from the Inspector General's office, who is convinced he can find something wrong with the Enterprise.
1x20: "Heart of Glory" The Enterprise picks up some Klingon fugitives, and Worf must decide where his loyalties lie.
1x21: "The Arsenal of Freedom" While investigating the disappearance of the USS Drake at a planet known for selling deadly munitions, the Enterprise and its crew are attacked by an automated weapons demonstration.
1x22: "Symbiosis" The Enterprise is forced to mediate an interplanetary drug deal.
1x23: "Skin of Evil" Troi crashes on a derelict world. When the crew beams down to the surface to rescue her, they encounter a vicious creature made of pure evil.
1x24: "We'll Always Have Paris" After experiencing a time distortion, the Enterprise comes to the rescue of a temporal physicist whose experiments have gone horribly wrong. Picard also deals with his past when he meets an old flame.
1x25: "Conspiracy" The Enterprise returns home to investigate strange rumors and happenings that may threaten the very survival of Starfleet.
1x26: "The Neutral Zone" After saving three cryogenically frozen people from the early 21st Century, the Enterprise is sent to the neutral zone to investigate a possible incursion by Romulans.

Season 2
2x01: "The Child" Troi is impregnated by an alien lifeforce and gives birth shortly thereafter. The mysterious child grows at an astounding rate, but when a dangerous pathogen is nearly released, the child's existence begins to threaten the Enterprise.
2x02: "Where Silence Has Lease" The Enterprise is caught in an anomaly where an omnipotent being studies their reactions to a series of seemingly inexplicable events.
2x03: "Elementary, Dear Data" While playing Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson on the holodeck, Data and La Forge accidentally turn Moriarty into a conscious program capable of exerting control over the entire vessel.
2x04: "The Outrageous Okona" The Enterprise picks up a womanizing rogue who is being chased by two different alien factions who claim him as a criminal. Meanwhile, Data tries to understand humor with the help of a holodeck comic.
2x05: "Loud as a Whisper" The Enterprise agrees to transport Riva, a famous mediator who happens to be deaf, to a bloody warzone. Once there, Riva's translators are killed and it is up to Counselor Troi to convince Riva to keep mediating.
2x06: "The Schizoid Man" Data's mind is taken over by the computerized consciousness of Ira Graves, a brilliant but unstable scientist who wants to live forever.
2x07: "Unnatural Selection" While trying to solve the riddle of a disease that causes rapid aging, Dr. Pulaski gets infected and has only a few hours to find a cure.
2x08: "A Matter of Honor" As part of a Starfleet officer exchange program, Commander Riker serves on board the Klingon vessel Pagh.
2x09: "The Measure of a Man" When a Starfleet scientist proposes dismantling Data for research, it is up to Captain Picard to define and defend the android's rights.
2x10: "The Dauphin" The Enterprise is sent to transport a young mediator, Salia, and her protector, Anya. As Wesley begins to fall in love with Salia, Anya reveals that she is not exactly human.
2x11: "Contagion" The Enterprise is incapacitated by an ancient but incredibly sophisticated computer virus while in the Romulan Neutral Zone.
2x12: "The Royale" Riker, Data, and Worf beam down to a hostile planet only to find themselves trapped in a second-rate novel set in a Vegas hotel.
2x13: "Time Squared" The Enterprise comes across a duplicate Captain Picard from six hours in the future, who apparently abandoned his ship moments before it exploded, killing the rest of the crew.
2x14: "The Icarus Factor" Riker is offered his own command and visited by his estranged father. Meanwhile, Worf is grumpy and Wesley is keen to figure out why.
2x15: "Pen Pals" Data's communications with a doomed alien girl force Captain Picard into a moral dilemma: violate the Prime Directive, or let the girl and the rest of her species die.
2x16: "Q Who" When Picard denies Q a place on the Enterprise crew, Q introduces them to their most dangerous enemy yet.
2x17: "Samaritan Snare" Geordi is kidnapped by an intellectually challenged group of alien pirates. Meanwhile, Picard and Wesley bond while taking a shuttle trip together.
2x18: "Up the Long Ladder" The Enterprise picks up two lost Earth colonies that have taken very different paths during the last two hundred years.
2x19: "Manhunt" Lwaxana Troi comes to the Enterprise in search of a husband.
2x20: "The Emissary" A Klingon emissary comes on board to brief the crew on a top secret mission, but her previous relationship with Lieutenant Worf threatens to derail the situation.
2x21: "Peak Performance" Riker and Picard participate in a full-scale battle simulation.
2x22: "Shades of Gray" While on an alien planet, Riker is infected by a dangerous neurotoxin and is forced to relive many of his memories from the last two years.

Season 3
3x01: "Evolution" When Wesley accidentally releases two nanites from a science experiment, they begin replicating and evolving at such an astonishing rate that they threaten the safety of the entire ship and crew.
3x02: "The Ensigns of Command" Data must convince a human colony to evacuate their homes while Captain Picard negotiates with the alien race that is ready to eradicate it.
3x03: "The Survivors" The Enterprise responds to a distress call and discovers a planet demolished by nuclear holocaust, save a tiny spot of untouched land and two lone survivors.
3x04: "Who Watches the Watchers" An accident at a science station accidentally contaminates a primitive alien culture. When one of the aliens is treated on the Enterprise, it threatens to spark a new religion with Picard as a deity.
3x05: "The Bonding" A young boy's grieving over the sudden loss of his mother is interrupted when an alien intruder recreates her.
3x06: "Booby Trap" While studying an ancient spacecraft, the ship is caught in a deadly booby trap. To help find a way out, La Forge goes to the holodeck and creates a simulation of one of the Enterprise's original designers.
3x07: "The Enemy" La Forge is trapped on a hostile planet with a Romulan while Picard does his best to avoid sparking an interstellar war.
3x08: "The Price" The Enterprise houses an interspecies auction for the rights to a supposedly stable wormhole. Meanwhile, Troi falls for one of the bidding delegates.
3x09: "The Vengeance Factor" Picard attempts to reunite a group of pirates with their peaceful homeworld, but ancient grudges threaten to destabilize the negotiations.
3x10: "The Defector" The Enterprise rescues a Romulan defector on the edge of the Neutral Zone who claims that the Romulans are preparing to launch an all-out offensive against the Federation.
3x11: "The Hunted" A cunningly engineered super soldier breaks loose from a penal colony, and it is up to the Enterprise to catch him.
3x12: "The High Ground" Dr. Crusher is kidnapped by terrorists who have access to extremely advanced and dangerous transporter technology.
3x13: "Deja Q" Q seeks asylum on the Enterprise when he is stripped of his powers and forced to live as a mortal.
3x14: "A Matter of Perspective" Riker is accused of murder, and an alien investigator uses the holodeck to prove it.
3x15: "Yesterday's Enterprise" When a predecessor to the Enterprise emerges through a temporal rift from the past, it has a dramatic and chilling effect on history.
3x16: "The Offspring" Data creates another android, Lal, but Starfleet immediately takes an interest in the research value of his "project" and insists that Data turn her over to them.
3x17: "Sins of the Father" A Klingon exchange officer reveals to Worf that he is his long-lost brother and that their family name is being threatened by false accusations at the Klingon High Council.
3x18: "Allegiance" Captain Picard is kidnapped, put in captivity along with three disparate aliens, and replaced by a doppelganger.
3x19: "Captain's Holiday" The crew forces Picard to take a week's shore leave on the pleasure planet of Risa, but his vacation proves to be less relaxing than expected.
3x20: "Tin Man" The Enterprise escorts an extremely telepathic Betazoid, Tam Elbrun, as they race against the Romulans to make first contact with a living alien spacecraft.
3x21: "Hollow Pursuits" A new engineer, Lieutenant Barclay, has trouble fitting in with the Enterprise crew and becomes addicted to the holodeck. Meanwhile, a series of odd occurences tests his diagnostic talents.
3x22: "The Most Toys" Data is abducted by a collector of rare and valuable objects.
3x23: "Sarek" The Enterprise escorts an aging Vulcan diplomat, Sarek, but the crew starts experiencing unusual emotional outbursts while he's aboard.
3x24: "Ménage à Troi" Riker, Troi, and Troi's mother are captured by a Ferengi DaiMon who wishes to possess Lwaxana.
3x25: "Transfigurations" Dr. Crusher falls for an amnesiac patient with strange healing powers who appears to be mutating at an alarming rate.
3x26: "The Best of Both Worlds" The Borg arrive in Federation space and take an unusual interest in the Enterprise and Captain Picard.

Season 4
4x01: "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II" The Enterprise must find a way to defeat Locutus and the Borg as they head directly for Earth following the devastating Federation defeat at Wolf 359.
4x02: "Family" Picard returns to his childhood home in France to recover from his experiences with the Borg, while Worf's parents visit the Enterprise to offer support following his dishonor at the Klingon High Council.
4x03: "Brothers" Data is summoned by his creator, Dr. Noonien Soong, but their reunion is cut short by the arrival of Data's evil twin brother, Lore.
4x04: "Suddenly Human" A group of alien adolescents is rescued from a training accident, but one of them turns out to be a human who was taken from his parents at a young age. When the boy's adoptive father demands his return, Picard faces a hard choice.
4x05: "Remember Me" People aboard the Enterprise start vanishing without a trace, but only Dr. Crusher is able to remember them.
4x06: "Legacy" Two Federation crewmen crash on Yar's wartorn home planet of Turkana IV. When the Enterprise comes to their aid, they are assisted by Tasha's sister, Ishara Yar.
4x07: "Reunion" The leader of the Klingon High Council, K'mpec, is killed, and Captain Picard arbitrates over his replacement. Meanwhile, Worf must face the woman he loves, K'Ehleyr, and the surprise she brings with her: their son, Alexander.
4x08: "Future Imperfect" Riker wakes up sixteen years in the future, now captain of the Enterprise, with no memory of what has happened.
4x09: "Final Mission" During what is to be his last duty on board the Enterprise, Wesley, along with Captain Picard, crashes on a desert moon and must find a way to survive.
4x10: "The Loss" When the ship is caught in the wake of 2-dimensional beings, Counselor Troi suddenly loses her empathic abilities.
4x11: "Data's Day" Data recounts a day in his life in a letter, while Chief O'Brien gets married and the ship delivers a decorated Vulcan ambassador to the Romulan Neutral Zone.
4x12: "The Wounded" A decorated Starfleet captain goes rogue and attacks a Cardassian research station with no provocation. It is up to Chief O'Brien to stop his former commander from restarting a brutal war.
4x13: "Devil's Due" Captain Picard must prove that a woman claiming to be a mythical alien devil is, in fact, a fraud.
4x14: "Clues" After passing through an unstable wormhole, a series of "minor mysteries" crop up that indicate something unusual has happened and that Commander Data may be concealing the truth.
4x15: "First Contact" Commander Riker is injured and taken to an alien hospital during preparations for a first contact mission. When the doctors discover that Riker isn't one of them, it threatens to derail the entire process.
4x16: "Galaxy's Child" The Enterprise is visited by Dr. Leah Brahms, and La Forge must overcome his holodeck preconceptions of her. Meanwhile, the ship is attacked by a spacefaring alien infant that has mistaken it for its mother.
4x17: "Night Terrors" The Enterprise is caught in an energy rift and the crew, unable to reach REM sleep, begins to go slowly insane.
4x18: "Identity Crisis" When members of a five-year old away mission start mysteriously disappearing, it is up to La Forge and his former crewmate to solve the riddle before they lose their humanity.
4x19: "The Nth Degree" After an encounter with an alien probe, Lieutenant Barclay grows super-intelligent and takes control of the Enterprise.
4x20: "Qpid" When Vash comes aboard the Enterprise, Q throws Picard and his crew into a recreation of Robin Hood.
4x21: "The Drumhead" When a Romulan spy and possible saboteur is discovered on the Enterprise, a Starfleet Admiral comes aboard to weed out a conspiracy, ultimately implicating Captain Picard.
4x22: "Half a Life" An aging alien scientist who finds himself falling in love with Lwaxana Troi conducts an experiment that fails to save his homeworld, but before he can figure out why, his society requires him to commit ritual suicide.
4x23: "The Host" Dr. Crusher falls for a negotiator who is a member of a symbiotic alien species. When his host body dies in an accident, the symbiont is transfered to Riker in order to prevent a war, but the change is almost too much for Dr. Crusher to take.
4x24: "The Mind's Eye" La Forge is brainwashed by Romulans to sow dissension between the Klingon Empire and the Federation.
4x25: "In Theory" Data attempts a romantic relationship while the ship encounters bizarre phenomena related to a dark matter nebula.
4x26: "Redemption" Picard returns to the Klingon High Council to coronate Gowron and offer Worf a chance to regain his family name. However, the Duras family and the Romulans are intent on starting a civil war.

Season 5
5x01: "Redemption II" Picard forms a blockade in hopes of preventing Romulan interference in the Klingon Civil War. Meanwhile, Data gets his first command, and Yar's dead ringer explains herself.
5x02: "Darmok" While trying to communicate with a seemingly incomprehensible alien race, Picard is kidnapped and forced into a deadly contest.
5x03: "Ensign Ro" The Enterprise welcomes aboard a controversial new crewmember while undertaking a mission to track down a terrorist.
5x04: "Silicon Avatar" The Enterprise, with the aid of a former resident of the Omicron Theta colony, attempts to track down the Crystalline Entity after an attack on a Federation outpost.
5x05: "Disaster" The Enterprise is severely disabled by a quantum filament, and the crew must deal with several isolated problems.
5x06: "The Game" Wesley comes aboard for a visit and encounters a crew that is falling under the spell of an addictive game.
5x07: "Unification I" Picard is sent on a mission to Romulus to discover why Ambassador Spock appears to have defected.
5x08: "Unification II" Spock speaks with a Romulan Proconsul in hopes of achieving reunification between Romulus and Vulcan, but the Romulan leadership has other plans.
5x09: "A Matter of Time" A man who claims to be from the 26th Century comes aboard the Enterprise and witnesses a mission to restore the climate of a planet hit by an asteroid.
5x10: "New Ground" Worf must become a father for his son, Alexander, while an experimental new form of warp drive spirals out of control and threatens to destroy an inhabited planet.
5x11: "Hero Worship" The sole survivor of a mysterious disaster, a young boy who has just lost his parents, imitates Data so that he doesn't have to feel emotions. Meanwhile, the Enterprise is threatened by the same inexplicable phenomenon.
5x12: "Violations" Telepathic aliens who specialize in memory visit the Enterprise, but shortly after they arrive, members of the crew start having waking nightmares so vivid and intense that they fall into comas.
5x13: "The Masterpiece Society" A genetically engineered utopia is threatened, first by a stellar core fragment that could destroy its home and then by knowledge of what life is like on the outside.
5x14: "Conundrum" The entire crew suffers from amnesia while apparently on a mission to destroy an alien command center.
5x15: "Power Play" Troi, Data, and O'Brien are possessed by alien lifeforms and take hostages in Ten Forward.
5x16: "Ethics" Worf is badly wounded and faces the prospect of being paralyzed for the rest of his life.
5x17: "The Outcast" Riker falls in love with Soren, an alien who has no gender, but when Soren's society finds out about the relationship, they put Soren on trial for being a gender-confused perversion.
5x18: "Cause and Effect" The Enterprise is caught in a temporal causality loop.
5x19: "The First Duty" Wesley is involved in a serious accident at Starfleet Academy in which a cadet is killed.
5x20: "Cost of Living" Lwaxana Troi comes aboard for her wedding ceremony and takes Alexander under her wing. Meanwhile, an alien parasite starts injesting parts of the Enterprise.
5x21: "The Perfect Mate" On the way to an arranged marriage that would unite two warring civilizations, an empathic metamorph is prematurely released from stasis and falls in love with Captain Picard.
5x22: "Imaginary Friend" A young girl's imaginary friend becomes real trouble for the Enterprise.
5x23: "I, Borg" Responding to a mysterious beacon, the Enterprise comes to the aid of an injured and stranded Borg.
5x24: "The Next Phase" After being lost in a transporter accident while trying to help a distressed Romulan vessel, Geordi and Ro awaken to discover that they are invisible and immaterial.
5x25: "The Inner Light" During an encounter with a mysterious probe, Picard experiences over thirty years of another life.
5x26: "Time's Arrow" Evidence of aliens in 19th Century Earth are accompanied by another strange artifact: Data's 500 year-old severed head.

Season 6
6x01: "Time's Arrow, Part II" Picard and his away team try to blend in with 19th Century Earth in order to find Data, stop the alien kidnappings, and keep Mark Twain from sabotaging history.
6x02: "Realm of Fear" Lieutenant Barclay, while facing his fears over the transporter, sees something alive in the matter stream.
6x03: "Man of the People" After engaging in a mysterious bonding ceremony with a visiting diplomat, Counselor Troi begins acting crazy and aging at an astonishing rate.
6x04: "Relics" After encountering a technological marvel known as a Dyson Sphere, the Enterprise recovers a crashed Starfleet officer who has been in a transporter buffer for 75 years: Montgomery Scott.
6x05: "Schisms" Strange occurences lead to the realization that several members of the Enterprise crew are being abducted by aliens living in subspace.
6x06: "True Q" A young woman comes aboard as an intern, but when she starts to display amazing powers, Q appears to determine if she belongs with the Q Continuum.
6x07: "Rascals" A transporter accident reduces Captain Picard, Guinan, Keiko, and Ensign Ro to children right before the ship is hijacked by Ferengi mercenaries.
6x08: "A Fistful of Datas" Worf, Alexander, and Troi are trapped in a holodeck simulation of the Ancient West when a computer malfunction turns all the characters into Data.
6x09: "The Quality of Life" An engineering experiment is derailed when Data postulates that some of the highly advanced tools being used are living beings.
6x10: "Chain of Command, Part I" Picard, Crusher, and Worf are sent on a secret mission in Cardassian space, while the Enterprise is given a new captain who does things quite differently than the crew is used to.
6x11: "Chain of Command, Part II" The Enterprise, under the command of Captain Jellico, struggles to prevent war with the Cardassians while Captain Picard is tortured mercilessly for information.
6x12: "Ship in a Bottle" The holographic Moriarty holds the ship hostage until the crew can figure out how to get a holodeck character to exist in the real world.
6x13: "Aquiel" While investigating an apparent murder aboard a small relay station near Klingon space, Geordi starts to have feelings for the prime suspect.
6x14: "Face of the Enemy" Counselor Troi is kidnapped by Romulan dissidents, surgically altered to appear Romulan, and forced to play along with a complex mission involving the future of the Romulan government.
6x15: "Tapestry" Picard has a near-death experience in which Q takes him back to a moment from his youth and offers him a chance to change things.
6x16: "Birthright, Part I" Worf is told by an information broker that his father is still alive in a Romulan prison camp. Meanwhile, following an engineering accident, Data has a vision of Dr. Soong.
6x17: "Birthright, Part II" Worf is held prisoner at a colony where survivors of the Khitomer massacre and their former captors--Klingons and Romulans--have been living together in peace for many decades.
6x18: "Starship Mine" While the Enterprise undergoes a routine baryon sweep that forces the entire crew to evacuate, terrorists attempt to steal a dangerous warp engine by-product and only Captain Picard can stop them.
6x19: "Lessons" Captain Picard begins to have feelings for a new crewmember, forcing him to weigh those feelings against his duty.
6x20: "The Chase" Following the death of his former mentor, Picard launches the Enterprise into an archaeological mission with profound implications for all life in the galaxy.
6x21: "Frame of Mind" While rehearsing for a play, Riker looses his grip on reality and finds himself in an alien insane asylum.
6x22: "Suspicions" Dr. Crusher investigates the death of a Ferengi scientist after the mysterious failure of a promising experiment in metaphasic shielding.
6x23: "Rightful Heir" While on a religious pilgrimage, Worf encounters a Klingon who claims to be the reincarnation of Kahless the Unforgettable, who has returned to save the Klingon Empire.
6x24: "Second Chances" A duplicate Riker is discovered at an abandoned space station where he has been living for the last eight years.
6x25: "Timescape" Picard, Geordi, Troi, and Data return from a symposium to discover the Enterprise and a Romulan warbird frozen in time, apparently in the midst of a deadly battle.
6x26: "Descent" The Enterprise encounters a group of Borg that are violently individualistic, and Data experiences a disturbing mix of emotions.

Season 7
7x01: "Descent, Part II" Lore and his army of Borg individuals manipulate Data into helping them perform deadly experiments on his captured shipmates.
7x02: "Liaisons" While on an officer exchange mission, Picard crashes on a hostile planet and discovers a woman who has been trapped there for seven years. Meanwhile, Troi and Worf must learn the perils of interspecies diplomatic relations.
7x03: "Interface" Following the disappearance of his mother, Geordi believes he is in contact with her while using an experimental remote probe interface.
7x04: "Gambit, Part I" While tracking a group of mercenaries who appear to be responsible for Captain Picard's death, Riker is kidnapped and thrown into the middle of a strange archaeological expedition.
7x05: "Gambit, Part II" As the mercenaries continue to pursue a dangerous Vulcan weapon, betrayals, double-agents, and mutiny all conspire to keep Picard, Riker, and Acting Captain Data on their toes.
7x06: "Phantasms" Data has disturbing nightmares that appear to be pushing him into a dangerous neurosis.
7x07: "Dark Page" Lwaxana Troi escorts members of an extremely telepathic race aboard the Enterprise, where she suffers an intense psychological breakdown caused by a mysterious repressed trauma.
7x08: "Attached" Picard and Crusher are kidnapped and implanted with mind-reading devices. As they make their escape, they discover they can hear the other's thoughts and start to learn new things about each other.
7x09: "Force of Nature" A scientist convinced that warp drive poses a danger to space itself creates a dangerous subspace rift that threatens to destroy the Enterprise.
7x10: "Inheritance" Data gets a visit from a woman who claims to be Dr. Soong's ex-wife--and thus Data's "mother"--but she might not be exactly what she appears to be.
7x11: "Parallels" Worf finds himself skipping through alternate quantum realities.
7x12: "The Pegasus" One of Riker's former commanding officers, now a Starfleet admiral, takes the Enterprise on a salvage mission that tests Riker's loyalties.
7x13: "Homeward" Worf's adoptive brother forces the Enterprise to violate the Prime Directive by beaming a doomed pre-warp colony into the holodeck.
7x14: "Sub Rosa" Dr. Crusher is seduced by a ghost who has been a secret part of her family for generations.
7x15: "Lower Decks" Four ensigns deal with crew evaluations, compete for a promotion, and try to figure out what is happening while the ship engages in a mysterious mission near the Cardassian border that ultimately costs one of their lives.
7x16: "Thine Own Self" An amnesiac Data is responsible for accidentally exposing a pre-industrial alien society to radiation poisoning. Meanwhile, Troi takes the test to become a bridge officer.
7x17: "Masks" While scanning a rogue comet, the Enterprise is slowly transformed by an ancient alien probe and Data's psyche is invaded by multiple personalities.
7x18: "Eye of the Beholder" Troi investigates the perplexing suicide of a young engineer while initiating a romance with Lieutenant Worf.
7x19: "Genesis" Everyone aboard the Enterprise mutates into earlier biological forms, and it is up to Data and Picard to find a cure before the crew tears itself--and the ship--apart.
7x20: "Journey's End" Picard is ordered by Starfleet to forcibly remove a colony consisting of the descendants of Native Americans. Meanwhile, Wesley Crusher struggles to find his path in life.
7x21: "Firstborn" After a failed attempt on his life, Worf is visited by a Klingon who claims to be a trusted advisor to the House of Mogh and who wants to help mold Alexander into a warrior.
7x22: "Bloodlines" DaiMon Bok returns to exact vengeance on Picard by killing a son the captain didn't know he had.
7x23: "Emergence" The Enterprise appears to be forming its own rudimentary intelligence that is centered on a holodeck recreation of the Orient Express.
7x24: "Preemptive Strike" Ro Laren is sent undercover in an attempt to bring a group of Federation terrorists to justice.
7x25: "All Good Things..." Captain Picard finds himself leaping backwards and forwards through time as part of Q's ongoing trial against humanity.

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