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TNG 6x17
"Birthright, Part II"

Original airdate: 3/1/1993
Rewatch date: 9/5/2012

Worf is held prisoner at a colony where survivors of the Khitomer massacre and their former captors--Klingons and Romulans--have been living together in peace for many decades.

Spoiler-free notes:

It's a nice change of pace to find a society of Klingons and Romulans that shouldn't exist instead of another colony of displaced humans.

That older Klingon woman is Angela Petrelli!

This episode forces Worf to confront his own prejudices (and racism) about Romulans head-on. This is a major loose end left over from "The Enemy," so it's good that it's being addressed.

Worf never changes his clothes during this episode. Gross.

The handful of scenes involving the Enterprise searching for Worf are completely unnecessary. It was bold to focus so heavily on Worf, but they could have pushed it even further and told the entire episode from his point of view.

Picard saw right through Worf's lie and played along. He's no dummy.

This is another one that I think I appreciated more during the rewatch than I have at any point previously. It's a long-winded story, to be sure, but it is true to Star Trek's social themes and does far more for Worf than any episode since "Redemption." Still, this second part feels like a completely different story than the first, with a wholly separate thematic focus, not to mention the absence of Data's story. It's narratively connected, of course, but it might have been appropriate for this half to have its own title to help it stand apart. Alas, this is one step further than TNG seems willing to take multi-episodic storytelling.

Spoiler section:

Worf will later undertake a search for Kahless' legendary weapon in DS9's "The Sword of Kahless."

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