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TNG 6x16
"Birthright, Part I"

Original airdate: 2/22/1993
Rewatch date: 9/5/2012

Worf is told by an information broker that his father is still alive in a Romulan prison camp. Meanwhile, following an engineering accident, Data has a vision of Dr. Soong.

Spoiler-free notes:

I love how the episode opens with a mixed version of DS9's theme and TNG's.

Man, seeing Deep Space Nine, the space station, has me excited to get to the next phase in this rewatch.

Jaglom Shrek, the information merchant played by none other than James Cromwell, is the first appearance of a Yridian. They look like hairless mouse people to me.

Troi is still wearing the traditional uniform Captain Jellico forced her to wear in "Chain of Command." This could be a hint that she's becoming a little more professional.

Worf breaking a table just before Troi walks in is reminiscent of a similar scene in "The Emissary," in which Troi pays a visit to K'ehleyr immediately after she destroys a table.

The scene between Data and Worf expicitly ties the A and B stories together. It's always good when the subplot is thematically relevant to the main plot, even if the connection is only tangental.

Why does nobody notify the captain that one of the crew is using a piece of unknown alien technology to recreate a serious, life-threatening accident just to experience a spiritual vision?

I love Spot in the captain's chair.

Worf hasn't had much to do this season, so this is a good episode for moving his story forward. It's also a good story for Data, in that it offers him a chance to open up his mind to the irrational nuances of unconscious thought, which is a logical step towards becoming more human. Additionally, this is a fun little crossover with DS9, replete with the inclusion of an enthusiastic Dr. Bashir.

Spoiler section:

It's interesting watching Worf walk around the station, knowing that he's going to end up a regular there.

You can see Morn if you're looking for him.

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