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TNG 5x20
"Cost of Living"

Original airdate: 4/20/1992
Rewatch date: 6/18/2012

Lwaxana Troi comes aboard for her wedding ceremony and takes Alexander under her wing. Meanwhile, an alien parasite starts injesting parts of the Enterprise.

Spoiler-free notes:

How has Worf been parenting for this long without resorting to bribery? It's a basic and essential parenting tool.

This episode contains a scene in which Lwaxana Troi is conversing with the computer. Majel Barret, then, is speaking to herself.

Lwaxana telling Alexander about all the little people within us that give us our many conflicting urges and desires sounds an awful lot like Scientology.

Whenever Tony Jay (the actor who plays Campio) speaks, all I can hear is the Elder God from the Legacy of Kain.

If life support systems are failing, why is everybody sweating? In interstellar space, you'd start losing heat, not gaining it.

How come life support comes back online immediately after the parasites leave the ship? The damage they've caused isn't fixed just because they leave.

This is the second time Lwaxana has gotten naked on this show.

This episode is dumb. The carpe diem message of the main storyline is trite and muddled, and the metal parasite B story seems entirely tangental and half-assed. In the end, the central character problem--Worf's relationship with Alexander--is in exactly the same place as it was at the start; if anything, Alexander is going to be even more rebellious, which will exacerbate the problem.

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