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TNG 1x11

Original airdate: 11/30/1987
Rewatch date: 7/27/2011

As Troi prepares for an arranged marriage on board the Enterprise, an enigmatic vessel from a civilization decimated by biological warfare threatens the planet below.

Spoiler-free notes:

I think Riker's holographic ladies were about to get naked before Riker was so rudely interrupted.

That's the creepiest wedding announcement ever.

In this episode, we meet the Tarellians, who are not to be confused with the Terellians, Terrelians, Terrellians (either type), or Tyrellians. Seriously, Star Trek?

Federation policy, according to Picard, requires them to "assist life-forms in need," but the Tarellians are pre-warp, so the Prime Directive should require them to do the exact opposite. Then again, by treaty agreement, the Federation is bound to protect Haven, where the plague-infested Tarellians are headed. How do you apply the Prime Directive if a pre-warp civilization is on a collision course with a warp-capable one? Picard glosses over this ethical conundrum a bit too easily methinks.

The Holy Rings of Betazed were a delicious appetizer of onion rings at the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas, may it rest in peace.

Yar is totally rocking the 1980s haircut.

I guess the transporter's "maximum decontamination" (as seen in "The Naked Now") doesn't work on the Tarellian plague.

Given all the possible ways a person's mind can be subverted by an alien influence in the Star Trek universe, how come nobody questions whether Wyatt beams over to the Tarellian vessel of his own free will, especially after he's proven that the woman on board has been in his mind for several years?

Mr. Homn gets all the best lines.

I'm not so sure Lwaxana is joking when she chides Picard for his dirty thoughts.

Spoiler section:

Why does Troi keep calling Riker "Bill"?

I like how the first conversation between Troi and Riker in this episode anticipates the end of their story, in that Troi is saying that Riker wants to be a Starfleet captain, implying that it would never work out between them. Then Riker says that it's not all he wants, which is basically his way of saying that he can be captain and have Troi. In the end, Riker gets everything that he wants.

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