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TNG 2-08

TNG 2x08
"A Matter of Honor"

Original airdate: 2/6/1989
Rewatch date: 9/4/2011

As part of a Starfleet officer exchange program, Commander Riker serves on board the Klingon vessel Pagh.

Spoiler-free notes:

I love the Mordock/Mendon confusion. Poor Wesley must feel like a racist. I'm pretty sure, given the racial subtexts of the episode, that's the whole reason to cast the same actor as two different but identical aliens. That, and the money they save using the same form-fitted prosthetic alien head.

The phaser range is pretty cool, and it looks way harder than Duck Hunt.

Mordock is a nice guy, even though he did a little cheating. Mendon, on the other hand, is a total dick.

You can't accuse of Riker of not having balls. It's also impressive that he can stand toe-to-toe with a Klingon officer.

Klingon ships probably have lots of spare panels, given how many fights they have on board that wind up shattering them.

Klingons get so melodramatic when they talk about family.

Data makes a good first officer.

Klingon make-up looks better under the red lights of a Klingon vessel than under the bright white lights of a Federation one.

I love this episode. Everything about it is just awesome. I love that it lives up to the original series' social commentary, but isn't as in your face about it as it could have been, and I love how it showcases Riker being a bad-ass. And, of course, I love almost any episode that deals with Klingons.

Spoiler section:

Riker being incredulous about Klag not talking to his father is pretty hypocritical, given what we will learn about Riker's relationship to his father in "The Icarus Factor."

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