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TNG 2x14
"The Icarus Factor"

Original airdate: 4/24/1989
Rewatch date: 9/10/2011

Riker is offered his own command and visited by his estranged father. Meanwhile, Worf is grumpy and Wesley is keen to figure out why.

Spoiler-free notes:

Data trying to cheer up Worf is awesome.

When Wesley is explaining the Rite of Ascension, it looks like Data is proud of him or that he is simply glad that he is not the one obtusely expounding upon a bit of minutia. When Data then asks Wesley to clarify, he sounds like a parent trying to see how much his kid knows, because you know Data already knows all there is to know about the Klingon Rite of Ascension.

Picard is good at giving Riker advice without unduly advocating one side over another.

I can sum up how I feel about this episode in two words: trite sentimentality.

Spoiler section:

And thus begins Riker's long string of command opportunities that he passes up to stay on the Enterprise. It's almost comical that it goes on for the entire show's run.

It's neat that O'Brien attends the party for Worf, given that the two of them become close friends on DS9.

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