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TNG 3x13
"Deja Q"

Original airdate: 2/5/1990
Rewatch date: 10/6/2011

Q seeks asylum on the Enterprise when he is stripped of his powers and forced to live as a mortal.

Spoiler-free notes:

Q uses the word "lumpen" to describe his human body.

"What must I do to convince you people?" "Die."

"You honestly think Q is telling the truth?" "Oh, I agree this is highly unlikely." There's some great dialogue in this episode.

The Calamarain scan contains berthold rays, which are the same form of fictional radiation from the TOS episode "This Side of Paradise."

Guinan's sudden act of violence is shocking, since she's usually such a sedate character. Stabbing somebody through the hand with a fork is pretty hardcore.

How do the Calamarain know that Q has lost his powers?

Why doesn't Picard make any effort to communicate with the Calamarain? I'm sure, with Q's knowledge of the species, the crew could figure out a way to talk to them and Picard could find a diplomatic solution.

Once he has powers again, Q hands out gifts, just like Riker did when he had Q powers in "Hide and Q."

Data laughing is awesome.

This episode is amusing, and Q is always good fun to have around. I like what the writers are saying about human nature and the human condition, and the dialogue is some of the best. Still, Q is treated less and less seriously with each appearance.

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