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TNG 2x10
"The Dauphin"

Original airdate: 2/20/1989
Rewatch date: 9/8/2011

The Enterprise is sent to transport a young mediator, Salia, and her protector, Anya. As Wesley begins to fall in love with Salia, Anya reveals that she is not exactly human.

Spoiler-free notes:

It's hard to fault Wesley. Salia is pretty cute (in human form), and she's smart. And "she's destined to rule an entire world." Those are some huge tracks of land.

"They are not what they say they are." "Do not be deceived. The body is just a shell." Way to ruin a perfectly good twist, bridge crew.

I do like the scene in Salia's quarters before it is revealed that Anya is a shape-shifter, with Salia talking to another young girl and then a furry little creature thing. It's a great bit of weird.

Welsey's looking for a "defocused area," but the whole time, he was the defocused area.

When Anya turns into a giant hairy beast and attacks, you can see the look in Worf's eye that says, "It's about damn time! This is what I live for!"

An old woman talking smack to Worf is both funny and kinda creepy.

How come, once they learn that Anya's a shape-shifter, nobody questions whether Salia is as well?

It's a good thing for Welsey that Salia's true form isn't a big steaming pile of poo.

I like the last fifteen minutes or so of this episode, but the rest of it is just a lot of Wesley being annoying.

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