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TNG 5-05

TNG 5x05

Original airdate: 10/21/1991
Rewatch date: 4/1/2012

The Enterprise is severely disabled by a quantum filament, and the crew must deal with several isolated problems.

Spoiler-free notes:

The O'Brien family moves at break-neck pace. Feels like they just got married, and now they're about to have a kid!

Kieko's father's name is Hiro? When Keiko was born, did he shout "Yatta"?

Geordi's got nothing on Mordin.

I've done some searching (granted, it's limited, Internet searching), but I cannot find anything in physics known as a "quantum filament."

Executive officer in charge of radishes? Lamest. Rank. Ever.

Geordi says his plan would kill two birds with one stone, but if he managed to put out the fire, he wouldn't need to get rid of the cargo containers.

TV labor is still completely unrealistic in the 24th Century.

How come the universal translator doesn't translate "Frère Jacques"?

The cargo bay repressurizes awfully fast.

The Starfleet birthing simulation must really suck if everything goes smoothly. In labor, things almost never go smoothly.

Birth is traumatic enough without your first sight being a damn Klingon.

I like this episode. As Star Trek's answer to 1970's disaster flicks, it has some fun putting our characters in wacky situations, but it succeeds because it doesn't get completely carried away. The story on the bridge keeps things dark and serious, with Troi facing an incredibly weighty decision. Though the plot is predictable, it's a nice way to explore Troi from a completely novel point of view. I like that it enables them to bring back Ro--that she's not just a single-episode character--but I feel like it doesn't do her character any good; it certainly doesn't endear her to the audience. Crusher and Geordi's story isn't funny, either, but it does manage to be clever, in addition to combining two characters we don't see together very often. The rest of the episode is a lot of fun, with Picard once more put in a position to deal with his awkwardness around children, Worf having to deliver a baby (easily the funniest bit), and Riker having to take off Data's head. It's a light episode with no real sci-fi or action, but by devoting little vignettes to each character, it still manages to include some character development. Thumbs up all around.

Spoiler section:

In DS9's "Accession," when Worf finds out that Keiko is pregnant again, he plans a vacation to Earth around her due date so he won't have to deliver another of her children.

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