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TNG 2-04

TNG 2x04
"The Outrageous Okona"

Original airdate: 12/12/1988
Rewatch date: 8/24/2011

The Enterprise picks up a womanizing rogue who is being chased by two different alien factions who claim him as a criminal. Meanwhile, Data tries to understand humor with the help of a holodeck comic.

Spoiler-free notes:

"He's mischievious, irreverant, and somewhat brazen." Thank you, Troi, for explaining why it's best to show, not tell.

Is that Teri Hatcher?

Data was right. Guinan's joke was not funny.

I want to hear 23rd Century jokes about quantum mechanics. It would probably be funnier than Joe Piscopo. I also want to hear the one about the monk, the clone, and the Ferengi.

There's no sugar-coating it; this episode sucks. I appreciate trying to explore Data's attempts to connect with humanity through humor, but the jokes just fall flat and Joe Piscopo isn't that funny, which ruins the storyline. As for the main story with Okona, it's just plain dumb. Blah.

Spoiler section:

The conversations Wesley has about and with Okona are a surprising bit of foreshadowing for "Journey's End." He tells Okona he could never imagine being a lone traveler and that he'd have a hard time leaving his family and friends behind all the time. It's tough to fathom what purpose this side story would have served had the writers chosen a different path for Wesley.

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