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TNG 1x16
"Too Short a Season"

Original airdate: 2/8/1988
Rewatch date: 7/29/2011

The Enterprise escorts an elderly admiral, Mark Jameson, to negotiate a hostage crisis. En route, the admiral overdoses on a de-aging drug in an effort to correct a terrible mistake he made several decades earlier.

Spoiler-free notes:

Admiral Jameson's "support chair" seems awfully bulky and cumbersome. It reminds me of Pike's chair, but Pike was a lot more infirmed.

The gold trimmings on the admiral's uniform are a nice touch.

Cerberus?! Did Jameson make a deal with the Illusive Man?

So do the people of Cerberus--the people who have the technology to reverse aging--live forever? I think a story on their planet that explores their society and the ramifications of this technology would be way more interesting than this tale about an unscrupulous Starfleet negotiator.

Again I'm confused about the Prime Directive, but I won't bother going into detail again. I'll wait until later episodes to discuss it further.

Why doesn't the away team have phasers drawn before beaming down?

I like the close-up handheld camera shot of Picard after the away mission. It helps show his tension.

That scar is a plot device that comes completely out of left field. On top of that, it would probably heal itself as a result of the de-aging serum. Bad writing.

Sucks to be Jameson's wife. Why the Hell does she have him buried on Mordan, surrounded by his greatest mistake?

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