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TNG 4x17
"Night Terrors"

Original airdate: 3/18/1991
Rewatch date: 2/21/2012

The Enterprise is caught in an energy rift and the crew, unable to reach REM sleep, begins to go slowly insane.

Spoiler-free notes:

I love the creepiness of going to another vessel and finding the crew violently murdered at their posts.

The actor playing the catatonic Betazoid, Hagan, looks like Kyle Maclaughlin.

If all 34 crew members killed each other, but Hagan wasn't involved, does that mean the last two people killed each other at the same time?

The O'Briens are essentially part of the main crew now, given nearly as much time on screen as the regular cast. I like that the show is exploring the dynamic of a married couple on the ship, something not possible on the original series.

Apparently, people in the future still know how to knock. Some conventions never really die.

If an explosion of energy is all that is required to escape the rift, why not use anti-matter?

I like the creepy music, but the handful of notes that play every time somebody is having a hallucination get awfully repetitive awfully fast.

Hydrogen makes up about 75% of the universe's known physical matter. It's hard to believe that any alien space vessel wouldn't have access to it or the ability to electrolyze water to make it. Give me a battery, two wires, two small metal plates, and a cup of water, and I can make hydrogen gas in my living room.

We hear the intercom whistle again!

It's great that Guinan keeps a big ass phaser rifle behind the bar.

Number of episodes in which a member of the crew is subverted by an alien lifeforce: 13.

This episode reminds me a little of Event Horizon, and I like the overall premise and uncomfortable tone, but the story spends a lot of time running in place while the characters spend a lot of time speaking slowly. It ultimately winds up feeling a bit boring. It's not a bad episode by any stretch, but it could have been better, especially if the narrative had focused a little more on the characters. A good example of this kind of plot done well is in the 2004 Battlestar Galactica episode "33."

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