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TNG 4-07

TNG 4x07

Original airdate: 11/5/1990
Rewatch date: 10/27/2011

The leader of the Klingon High Council, K'mpec, is killed, and Captain Picard arbitrates over his replacement. Meanwhile, Worf must face the woman he loves, K'Ehleyr, and the surprise she brings with her: their son, Alexander.

Spoiler-free notes:

I love the new Klingon attack cruiser.

By my math, Alexander shouldn't be more than a year and a half old. Maybe Klingons mature a lot faster than humans, because that kid looks a heck of a lot older than one and a half.

Gowron's eyes and crazy smirk are intense. He's such an awesome Klingon.

There's a neat little reversal with K'Ehleyr wanting to marry Worf but Worf turning her down, the exact opposite of what happened in "The Emissary."

"You talk like a Ferengi." Great line.

The bomb has a molecular-decay detonator? So does that mean if you put the bomb in a box with a cat, the cat would be both alive and dead?

There's a subtext in this episode of characters being forced to face what makes them the most uncomfortable. Picard is forced into his role as arbiter of succession, while Worf is forced not only to confront his discommendation but also to confront the ramifications it has on his new son.

K'Ehleyr's death scene--and Worf's reaction to it--is one of the most operatic and emotional moments thus far in Star Trek.

The battle scene between Duras and Worf is a great bit of fight choreography. I love the fluid style of Bat'leth combat.

Picard's dressing down of Worf shows a side of Picard we haven't seen much of. He can be hardcore and professional--all military--when he needs to be.

This episode is an amazing chapter in Worf's story, as well as the ever-evolving story of the Klingon Empire. It moves things forward by leaps and bounds. The arrival of Alexander gives Worf added motivation to do something about his dishonor, and Duras' death offers a glimmer of hope that it will be possible for Worf to restore his family name in the future. On top of that, there are seeds of dischord within the Klingon High Council, with Gowron, "an outsider," the sole contender for K'mpec's old position. We know the story can't be left with that dangling thread. While there's little sci-fi, the drama and intrigue in this episode is very well-written (this episode is the first episode written by the impressive Brannon Braga), and the climax is simply awesome. "Reunion" is a good example of why I love Klingon episodes so much.

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