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TNG 4x13
"Devil's Due"

Original airdate: 2/4/1991
Rewatch date: 1/5/2012

Captain Picard must prove that a woman claiming to be a mythical alien devil is, in fact, a fraud.

Spoiler-free notes:

Picard: "Method acting? I'm vaguely familiar with it." Great line, since it is delivered by Patrick Stewart. I swear the writers never miss an opportunity to make fun of the fact that they have such a serious actor to play with.

First contact with Klingons--especially the Klingons of 70 years earlier--couldn't have been pleasant.

Actually, Data, P.T. Barnum probably never said "There's a sucker born every minute." Sucker.

I love the 80's hair fro on Ardra when she tries to seduce Picard.

"The advocate will refrain from expressing personal affections for her opponent." Another good line.

The Satan costume is pretty weak.

This is one of those episodes I appreciate more through adult eyes. It's a light, playful piece that harkens to Inherit the Wind or the work of James Randi. I love the skeptical theme, and any chance to see Picard as an arbitrator is great fun.

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