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I occasionally cite Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as my favorite Star Trek show, though that's probably overstating the case a bit. (TNG would really win that contest.) Nevertheless, it is the tremendously underappreciated dark horse of the Star Trek library that sets a unique tone and direction that most of Roddenberry's franchise tries to avoid. When it first aired, I got bored with it rather quickly, not picking it up again until after it had completed its run. Upon a second viewing--and knowing where it ultimately goes--the show surprised me with its maturity and depth, and I'm curious to see what yet another viewing will do for its reputation in my head. (NOTE: The rewatch is not yet complete...)

Season 1
1x01: "Emissary" Commander Benjamin Sisko takes command of a distant space station recently acquired from the Cardassians, only to learn that it sits near the entrance to a stable wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant.
1x03: "Past Prologue" The station is visited by a Bajoran terrorist seeking asylum, followed shortly thereafter by the Duras sisters. Kira is forced to make a difficult choice, while Dr. Bashir is introduced to the enigmatic Garak.
1x04: "A Man Alone" A man Odo helped put in prison is murdered, and Odo is the only viable suspect. Meanwhile, Keiko O'Brien considers starting a school on board the station.
1x05: "Babel" A virus spreads across Deep Space Nine that causes neural aphasia.
1x06: "Captive Pursuit" Tosk, the first visitor from the Gamma Quadrant, emerges from the wormhole, but unbeknownst to Deep Space Nine, he is being pursued by aliens who are hunting him for sport.
1x07: "Q-Less" Vash arrives after spending two years in the Gamma Quadrant with Q.
1x08: "Dax" Jadzia Dax is tried for a murder committed by her former self, Curzon Dax.
1x09: "The Passenger" A dangerous criminal dies in a shuttle fire, but when it appears that he is still working to acquire material from the Gamma Quadrant, the crew slowly realizes he may not be as dead as he seems.
1x10: "Move Along Home" The first official delegation from the Gamma Quadrant arrives on Deep Space Nine and proceeds to play a game with Quark that forces Sisko, Dax, Kira, and Bashir into a mysterious maze.
1x11: "The Nagus" Quark is named the new leader of the Ferengi people. Meanwhile, Sisko confronts Jake about his friendship with Nog.
1x12: "Vortex" A con artist from the Gamma Quadrant offers information about Odo's species, "the Changelings," in exchange for his freedom.
1x13: "Battle Lines" Sisko, Kira, Bashir, and Kai Opaka crash on a prison colony in the Gamma Quandrant where a war is underway between two groups of bitter enemies that can never die.
1x14: "The Storyteller" Bashir and O'Brien visit a Bajoran village that is under an annual siege by a mysterious force, while Sisko is tasked with mediating a Bajoran border dispute.
1x15: "Progress" Kira has difficulty relocating an elderly man who will die if he stays on a moon being tapped for its energy. Meanwhile, Jake and Nog try to make a profit out of 5,000 wrappages of Yamok sauce.
1x16: "If Wishes Were Horses" Imagined characters begin appearing on Deep Space Nine as a growing subspace rupture threatens the entire Bajoran system.
1x17: "The Forsaken" Deep Space Nine hosts a delegation of ambassadors to the Gamma Quadrant, including Lwaxana Troi, while an invasive computer program disrupts the station's systems.
1x18: "Dramatis Personae" Under the influence of an ancient telepathic field, Kira attempts a mutiny as Sisko and O'Brien grow militant.
1x19: "Duet" An apparent Cardassian war criminal comes to the station, and Kira is charged with uncovering his true identity.
1x20: "In the Hands of the Prophets" Vedek Winn, an orthodox Bajoran spiritual leader, objects to the way science is taught by Keiko, while Miles slowly uncovers an assassination plot.

Season 2
2x01: "The Homecoming" Major Kira rescues a famous Bajoran resistance leader from Cardassian custody, but the man may not live up to the grandiose legends that surround him.
2x02: "The Circle" Kira tries to figure out what to do with herself outside of Deep Space Nine as a civil war quickly escalates on Bajor.
2x03: "The Siege" Deep Space Nine is invaded by Bajoran rebels intent on removing the Federation from the station, as Kira and Dax attempt to bring evidence of Cardassian involvement to the provisional government.
2x04: "Invasive Procedures" A Trill who was rejected for symbiosis steals the Dax symbiont.
2x05: "Cardassians" Garak and Bashir investigate the mystery of Cardassian children who were left on Bajor after the occupation.
2x06: "Melora" Bashir falls for a new ensign whose alien physiology is built for extremely low gravity.
2x07: "Rules of Acquisition" Quark goes to the Gamma Quadrant to open negotiations with the aliens on the other side of the wormhole, but his Ferengi companion turns out to be a woman in disguise.
2x08: "Necessary Evil" An attempt on Quark's life forces Odo to reconsider the first case he was ever tasked with solving, back when Cardassians ran the station.
2x09: "Second Sight" Sisko meets an interesting woman who keeps disappearing on him, while a famous terraformer plans to revive a dead star.
2x10: "Sanctuary" Three million alien refugees from the Gamma Quadrant hope to make Bajor their new home.
2x11: "Rivals" An El-Aurian con man comes to Deep Space Nine and sets up a gambling hall to compete with Quark's, while O'Brien and Bashir compete in a futuristic version of racquetball.
2x12: "The Alternate" After Odo explores a possible link to his past with his father-figure, Dr. Mora, it appears that a shapeshifting monster is causing mayhem aboard Deep Space Nine.
2x13: "Armageddon Game" Bashir and O'Brien assist an alien race in dismantling their biological weapons program, but as they finish, they are attacked and O'Brien is infected.
2x14: "Whispers" O'Brien returns from a mission to the Gamma Quadrant to discover that everybody is treating him differently.
2x15: "Paradise" Sisko and O'Brien get trapped in a human colony in which most of their technology doesn't work.
2x16: "Shadowplay" Odo and Dax visit an alien colony in the Gamma Quadrant where people are mysteriously disappearing, while Jake tries to figure out how to tell his father that he doesn't want to join Starfleet.
2x17: "Playing God" Jadzia evaluates her first Trill initiate and discovers a proto-universe that threatens to annihilate the station.
2x18: "Profit and Loss" A former love interest of Quark comes to the station, but it turns out she is a member of the Cardassian underground.
2x19: "Blood Oath" Three aging Klingon warriors come to the station in search of Curzon Dax so that they can fulfill an oath of vengeance alongside him.
2x20: "The Maquis, Part I" A Cardassian vessel explodes as it leaves Deep Space Nine, and it appears that Federation terrorists are responsible.
2x21: "The Maquis, Part II" Sisko and Dukat work together to prevent the Cardassians and the Maquis from starting a war.
2x22: "The Wire" As Garak begins dying from a malfunctioning Cardassian implant in his brain, Dr. Bashir attempts to uncover the truth about his past in order to save him.
2x23: "Crossover" Kira and Bashir wind up in the mirror universe, where the station is a far less hospitable place.
2x24: "The Collaborator" As Bajor moves to elect its new Kai, Kira investigates the possibility that Vedek Bareil collaborated with Cardassians during the occupation.
2x25: "Tribunal" O'Brien is arrested by the Cardassians and put through the Cardassian legal system for allegedly stealing weapons for the Maquis.
2x26: "The Jem'Hadar" Sisko, Quark, Jake, and Nog visit the Gamma Quadrant, but are met by the Jem'Hadar, a group of warriors from the Dominion who threaten to destroy anybody who comes through the wormhole from now on.

Season 3
3x01: "The Search, Part I" Sisko takes the station's new Federation warship, the Defiant, into the Gamma Quadrant to look for the Founders of the Dominion.
3x02: "The Search, Part II" Odo learns about his people while the survivors of the Defiant make it back to the station only to find that the Federation is preparing to sign a peace treaty with the Dominion.
3x03: "The House of Quark" Quark finds himself trapped in the middle of Klingon politics after a drunken Klingon dies in his bar, apparently killed by Quark in self-defense.
3x04: "Equilibrium" Jadzia starts obsessing about a musical composition and having severe hallucinations that threaten her life and reveal something hidden in one of her past lives.
3x05: "Second Skin" Kira is taken by Cardassians who explain to her that she is actually one of them who has been under deep cover for many years.
3x06: "The Abandoned" A baby Jem'Hadar is recovered from the Gamma Quadrant, and Odo attempts to show him that there is more to life than killing for the Dominion.
3x07: "Civil Defense" An old automated Cardassian security program is tripped, threatening the lives of everybody aboard the station.
3x08: "Meridian" Jadzia falls in love with a man who lives on a planet that moves between dimensions, while Quark attempts to procure a holographic image of Kira to create an erotic program.
3x09: "Defiant" Thomas Riker steals the Defiant and tries to use it to help the Maquis.
3x10: "Fascination" During the Bajoran Gratitude Festival, various crewmembers start acting unusually amorous towards one another.
3x11: "Past Tense, Part I" A transporter accident sends Sisko, Dax, and Bashir back in time to San Francisco in 2024, shortly before a massive riot triggers enormous social change in America.
3x12: "Past Tense, Part II" Sisko is forced to take on the role of historical terrorist and icon Gabriel Bell as Kira and O'Brien work to rescue their comrades from the 21st Century.
3x13: "Life Support" Vedek Bareil is saved from the brink of death by Dr. Bashir, but he continues to risk his life on dangerous medical techniques in order to help Kai Winn negotiate with the Cardassians.
3x14: "Heart of Stone" Kira is trapped by a growing crystal formation and Odo refuses to abandon her. Meanwhile, Nog announces his intention to join Starfleet.
3x15: "Destiny" Cardassian scientists come to Deep Space Nine to help set up a communication line to the Gamma Quadrant, while Sisko struggles to deal with a Bajoran prophecy that seems to predict imminent catastrophe.
3x16: "Prophet Motive" Grand Nagus Zek rewrites the Rules of Acquisition with an eye for philanthropy in place of greed, and Quark is determined to figure out what has happened to him.
3x17: "Visionary" After exposure to radiation, O'Brien finds himself skipping forward and back into the near future as Romulans come to the station demanding intelligence reports on the Dominion.
3x18: "Distant Voices" Dr. Bashir is trapped in his own mind and must find a way out before he dies in the real world.
3x19: "Through the Looking Glass" Miles O'Brien from the mirror universe abducts Commander Sisko in order to get his help infiltrating the Alliance and rescuing the mirror version of his wife, Jennifer.
3x20: "Improbable Cause" A bomb goes off in Garak's shop, drawing Odo into a secret plan by the Tal Shiar and Obsidian Order to attack the Dominion.
3x21: "The Die is Cast" The secret Romulan/Cardassian fleet enters the Gamma Quadrant hell-bent on taking out the Founders, and Garak is forced to interrogate Odo to find out what he knows about them.
3x22: "Explorers" Sisko and his son attempt to recreate an ancient, pre-warp Bajoran spaceflight to Cardassia, while Bashir meets up with the one person who surpassed him at the Academy.
3x23: "Family Business" Quark and Rom are accused by the Ferengi Commerce Authority of allowing their mother to earn profit in defiance of Ferengi law.
3x24: "Shakaar" Major Kira confronts her former cell leader over a matter of agricultural equipment and Kai Winn's aspirations to head the provisional government.
3x25: "Facets" Jadzia undertakes a Trill rite whereby she gets to "meet" her previous hosts, as Nog takes a Starfleet entrance exam.
3x26: "The Adversary" A Changeling infiltrator hijacks the Defiant in the hopes of starting a Federation war, and it is up to the crew to weed him out and stop him.

Season 4
4x01: "The Way of the Warrior" A Klingon war fleet under the command of General Martok comes to Deep Space Nine intent on invading Cardassia, and Captain Sisko seeks help from Lieutenant Commander Worf.
4x03: "The Visitor" An eldery Jake Sisko explains to a young writer why he quit writing.
4x04: "Hippocratic Oath" Bashir and O'Brien are captured by a group of rebel Jem'Hadar who try to force Bashir to cure their addiction to ketracel-white. Meanwhile, Worf interferes with Odo's security duties.
4x05: "Indiscretion" Kira and Dukat go looking for a wrecked Cardassian slave transport that was carrying Dukat's half-Bajoran daughter, Tora Ziyal, while Kasidy surprises Sisko with news that she might be getting a job on Bajor.
4x06: "Rejoined" Dax is reunited with a Trill containing the symbiont of one of her previous hosts' wives, but if they resume any kind of relationship, they will be exiled from Trill culture forever.
4x07: "Starship Down" While in negotiations with the Karemma in the Gamma Quadrant, the Defiant engages a pair of Jem'Hadar warships and winds up trapped in the atmosphere of a gas giant.
4x08: "Little Green Men" Quark, Rom, and Nog accidentally crash their new ship into 1947 Roswell, New Mexico.
4x09: "The Sword of Kahless" Worf, Dax, and Kor go on a quest to recover the long-lost Sword of Kahless, which legend has it will unite the Klingon people.
4x10: "Our Man Bashir" Several members of the senior staff are trapped in the transporter buffer and become characters in Bashir's British spy holodeck adventure.
4x11: "Homefront" A terrorist attack by a Changeling brings Captain Sisko back to Earth to prepare Starfleet security for an apparent Dominion invasion.
4x12: "Paradise Lost" In the midst of the Dominion threat to Earth, Sisko unconvers a Starfleet coup to take control of the Federation.
4x13: "Crossfire" Bajoran First Minister Shakaar comes to the station for a diplomatic meeting, but Odo must be on guard due to a credible threat on his life.
4x14: "Return to Grace" Kira and Dukat hunt a Klingon Bird-of-Prey responsible for murdering delegations from a Cardassian and Bajoran peace conference.
4x15: "Sons of Mogh" Worf's brother Kurn comes to Deep Space Nine and begs Worf to help him commit suicide.
4x16: "Bar Association" After Quark gives all his employees a drastic pay cut, Rom leads the charge to form a union and strike.
4x17: "Accession" A Bajoran poet emerges from the wormhole after 200 years and claims that he is the Emissary, returned to Bajor to help bring back old traditions. Meanwhile, Keiko returns to the station with news that she is pregnant.
4x18: "Rules of Engagement" The Klingons attempt to extradite Worf for being responsible for the deaths of civilians killed by the Defiant during a combat situation.


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