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DS9 1x15

Original airdate: 5/9/1993
Rewatch date: 6/13/2013

Kira has difficulty relocating an elderly man who will die if he stays on a moon being tapped for its energy. Meanwhile, Jake and Nog try to make a profit out of 5,000 wrappages of Yamok sauce.

Spoiler-free notes:

The scene between Sisko and Bashir where Sisko brazenly bends the truth for Kira, it again demonstrates the moral grey areas that DS9 is willing to employ.

There are a lot of metaphorical stories--parables--being told throughout this episode, and the B story with Jake and Nog is itself a parable. The last episode was called "The Storyteller," but this one suits the title a little better.

Is it possible Odo knew about the "Noh-Jay Consortium" and deliberately made his conversation about it with Quark in earshot of Nog and Jake?

This is a good episode all around. The B story with Nog and Jake is far superior to any previous Nog/Jake subplot, and it elaborates on the relationship between Nog and Quark that has been neglected ever since "Emissary." As for the A story, it's a slight tweak on TNG's "The Ensigns of Command," but one that serves Kira's character. It's also more personal, dealing with essentially just one stubborn old man instead of an entire stubborn colony that refuses to relocate in the face of certain death. Though I really like "The Ensigns of Command," this story is more poignant and well-written, not to mention the fact that the moral quandary isn't as black-and-white this time around. TNG deals with forced relocations many times, but the only time it manages to make the problem morally uncertain (in "Journey's End," an episode that actually aired after this), the story pushes you towards the clear answer from the very beginning. Here, the plot problem is a better fit, and it's the first time DS9 has borrowed a common trope from TNG and actually improved upon it.

Spoiler section:

This is the first mention of "self-sealing stem bolts," which will continue to be a running gag on the show. It is also the first mention of Yamok sauce, which also makes several reappearances.

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