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DS9 2-04

DS9 2x04
"Invasive Procedures"

Original airdate: 10/17/1993
Rewatch date: 6/26/2013

A Trill who was rejected for symbiosis steals the Dax symbiont.

Spoiler-free notes:

Every time they mention the Orinoco, I get this stuck in my head.

I have significant problems with how Quark is handled in this episode. He commits an act that is pretty unforgiveable, and yet he faces no repercussions of any kind, even after Kira promises that he will.

This is a really interesting episode that takes some digging to fully appreciate. There's the obvious rape analogy, but by making Verad a sympathetic (and pathetic) villain, it does a good job asking some incredibly harrowing questions that would seem outrageous if approached head-on. This is real, well-developed sci-fi storytelling, and it is made all the more powerful by incredible acting all around. John Glover, the guest star who plays Verad, does a stellar job playing the pre-joined Verad, the joined Verad Dax, and the post-joined Verad, and Avery Brooks plays off of him perfectly. I also like how this episode expands on the details of Trill life and society, doing a much better job of it than Season 1's relatively weak "Dax."

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"Invasive Procedures"
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