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DS9 2x09
"Second Sight"

Original airdate: 11/21/1993
Rewatch date: 7/1/2013

Sisko meets an interesting woman who keeps disappearing on him, while a famous terraformer plans to revive a dead star.

Spoiler-free notes:

I understand that Sisko is excited because he met a woman, but really, shouldn't he be exhausted by insomnia?

The introduction of a terraformer promises to bring some science back into this supposedly science-themed show.

It's pedantic, but when the doctor says "degrees Kelvin," that's incorrect. It's just "Kelvin"; no degrees.

Quark offering to go back to the bar with Sisko to "talk about women," is great.

Is this episode glorifying suicide?

The actress playing Nidell/Fenna is really good.

This is a story that wouldn't have worked very well aboard the Enterprise, since characters aren't constantly coming and going from the ship as much as they are on Deep Space Nine. It's also an episode that deals with grief and romance in a way that neither TOS nor TNG could have, but it also manages to include a neat sci-fi/fantasy puzzle that would have fit nicely in any other Star Trek show (kind of Forbidden Planet meets The Three Faces of Eve). This is also an important step forward for Sisko's character. Having said all of that, however, it's kind of disorganized and forgettable.

Spoiler section:

This episode sets the stage for Kasidy Yates, who is introduced in "Family Business."

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