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DS9 2x10

Original airdate: 11/28/1993
Rewatch date: 7/2/2013

Three million alien refugees from the Gamma Quadrant hope to make Bajor their new home.

Spoiler-free notes:

Another mention of the Dominion. I like this slow reveal.

When the Skrreeans first arrive in bulk, the subtitles show them saying things like "This place is far out" and "I dig this place." Are the Skrreeans from the planet of the 70's? No wonder it took the universal translator so long to make sense of their language.

The fact that they leave skin flakes everywhere is nicely symbolic.

The ending of the episode is harsh, but it totally makes the story.

"Sanctuary" does a good job exploring a complex social issue--namely immigration of refugees--and it's an enormously important episode for Kira. It opens by showing her struggling to help fix and preserve her broken culture in the face of bureaucracy, but by the end, she becomes an apologetic bureaucrat who turns away the Skrreans, who are merely trying to do the same thing she was at the start. The closing scene, in which Haneek refuses to forgive Kira or continue their friendship, is devastating.

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