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DS9 2x11

Original airdate: 1/2/1994
Rewatch date: 7/2/2013

An El-Aurian con man comes to Deep Space Nine and sets up a gambling hall to compete with Quark's, while O'Brien and Bashir compete in a futuristic version of racquetball.

Spoiler-free notes:

It's Prince Humperdink!

This is a good episode to build on the Bashir/O'Brien relationship first attempted (less successfully) in "The Storyteller."

Quark: "Think of the children." Priceless!

This episode is a blast. I really enjoy both the A story and the B story, and I even like the relatively silly idea of a device that messes with the laws of probability. It's not a particularly deep episode, but fun ones like this are a breath of fresh air.

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