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DS9 3x23
"Family Business"

Original airdate: 5/15/1995
Rewatch date: 8/14/2013

Quark and Rom are accused by the Ferengi Commerce Authority of allowing their mother to earn profit in defiance of Ferengi law.

Spoiler-free notes:

Jeffrey Combs, the actor who plays Brunt, was last seen in "Meridian," earlier this season, as Tiron, the alien so obsessed with Major Kira that he wanted Quark to design an erotic program with her in a starring role.

This is not only the first visit to Ferenginar, but also the first look at a Ferengi female.

"My house is my house." "As are its contents." Love it.

Why such low doorways? Everybody has to bend down.

Ishka undressing for Rom is one of the most messed up scenes in Star Trek. Way to push the culture shock envelope, writers.

Ahh! It's Sherry Palmer!!! In all seriousness, I really like Penny Johnson as Kasidy Yates, which is such a different character than 24 fans expect from the actress. She's got some range.

Quark and Rom fighting, and Rom going nuclear on Quark and Ishka, is a really interesting development for Rom. Throughout the season, he's been getting more vocal and assertive, as a character. It's both amusing and fascinating.

Kasidy mentions the Cestus III colony, so I guess this means the conflict between the Federation and the Gorn has cooled significantly since Kirk's epic battle in "Arena."

This is a warm episode about family, with a nice secondary theme about sexual politics. The A story and B story both deal with these themes, and the way they develop both the Ferengi culture and Sisko's character is a neat writing trick.

Spoiler section:

The actress who plays Ishka in this episode, Andrea Martin, is not seen again, but Ishka returns, played by Cecily Adams, throughout the show's run. Adams does a good job channeling Martin's performance, because you can hardly tell the difference unless you're looking for it.

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