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DS9 3x08

Original airdate: 11/14/1994
Rewatch date: 7/25/2013

Jadzia falls in love with a man who lives on a planet that moves between dimensions, while Quark attempts to procure a holographic image of Kira to create an erotic program.

Spoiler-free notes:

That is Goodwin. He's even the same character, living on a mysterious tropical paradise that pops in and out of existence every so often.

I'm glad the writers are wise enough to at least try to come up with a narrative reason for such a rushed romance. One episode romances in Star Trek tend to be really difficult to believe. Unfortunately, even with the gimmick, this episode is no different.

It's another one of those tiresome fake goodbyes. Sigh.

This is a weak episode built on a premise that would have made a lot more sense on TOS. It doesn't resonate, because there is simply no way to make a character like Jadzia fall that deeply in love with somebody in such a short period of time, especially since she has no real chemistry with Deral. It's forcing her way out of character, and that's hard to forgive. As for the B-story with Quark and Kira, it's mildly fun, but predictable. Yawn.

Spoiler section:

Jeffrey Combs, the actor who plays Tiron, in addition to being Dr. Herbert West, will go on to appear several times in Star Trek from this point forward. For DS9, he plays the recurring roles of Brunt and Weyoun, and he also plays the Andorian Shran in several episodes of ENT. It's also interesting to note that he auditioned for the role of Riker in TNG.

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