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DS9 3-09

DS9 3x09

Original airdate: 11/21/1994
Rewatch date: 7/25/2013

Thomas Riker steals the Defiant and tries to use it to help the Maquis.

Spoiler-free notes:

When Deep Space Nine was in the pre-production stages, the character of Kira was originally intended to be Ro Laren, but was changed near the last minute because the actress didn't want to commit to it. This episode, I imagine, would have been way more interesting with Ro in place of Kira. Still, since Ro's story ends with her joining the Maquis instead, it's interesting to imagine Thomas Riker running into her. I'm sure there's a Star Trek novel in there, or at least some terrible fan fic.

I'm glad there are references to Riker's visits to Quark's, as we know--from "Firstborn--that he has been there before.

I love that Riker's evil twin wears a goatee.

Thomas Riker calls the Defiant a "tough little ship," just as Will Riker does in Star Trek: First Contact.

It annoys me that Sisko shows up Dukat so much. As military tacticians, the two of them should at least be on equal footing in order for Dukat to continue being such a good villain.

This is a good episode that finally shows the Defiant kicking ass. It uses all the good Cardassian politics that have been built up thus far--including everything from the Obsidian Order to the Maquis to the Cardassian justice system--and finds yet another way to force Sisko and Dukat into working together. The addition of Thomas Riker is a nice tie-in to TNG, and by using Thomas instead of Will, the writers have much more freedom to play. More than that, though, it demonstrates how willing DS9 is to mine some more obscure bits of the Star Trek canon, something TOS and TNG were more hesitant to do. Unfortunately, the episode feels all too brief, never finding enough time to develop into anything more than a fun little action/adventure (not that there's anything wrong with that from time to time).

Spoiler section:

We never see Thomas Riker again, which is a shame.

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