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DS9 3-24

DS9 3x24

Original airdate: 5/22/1995
Rewatch date: 8/14/2013

Major Kira confronts her former cell leader over a matter of agricultural equipment and Kai Winn's aspirations to head the provisional government.

Spoiler-free notes:

Took them long enough to deal with Bareil's death.

This is a better opening, but it would be a turn-off for newcomers or casual viewers who don't know who Kai Winn is.

The actor who plays Shakaar, Duncan Regehr, was last seen in TNG's "Sub Rosa." I much prefer him here.

This isn't a bad episode for exploring Bajoran politics. I like the idea of Kai Winn trying to take control of the provisional government, throwing the separation of church and state into the limelight, but the writers made her a little too unreasonable and villainous to maintain any kind of moral quandary. The episode could have covered some interesting ground, but it never really goes there.

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