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DS9 3-04

DS9 3x04

Original airdate: 10/17/1994
Rewatch date: 7/19/2013

Jadzia starts obsessing about a musical composition and having severe hallucinations that threaten her life and reveal something hidden in one of her past lives.

Spoiler-free notes:

Thank God Dax's hair is back to normal.

It's been brewing for at least a season, but you definitely get the feeling that the writers are building a romantic foundation for Kira and Odo's relationship, even if neither character realizes it yet. Kira telling Odo he's cute is probably the clearest give-away yet.

The intro is pretty dull, not giving the audience much of a hook.

Bashir mentions the only trauma the Dax symbiont has gone through, but fails to mention the time it was abducted and put through two surgeries in the span of a single day in "Invasive Procedures." In fact, it seems odd that nobody bothers to bring up Verad Dax, who probably has a significant impact on the Dax symbiont and could have easily had something to do with what Jadzia is going through.

I love the way Dr. Renhol says "Jadzia."

This isn't a bad episode, and I appreciate that it's trying to build upon what little we know of Trill culture. I especially like that we see the symbiont's breeding pools and the bizarre people who tend to them. However, the end is a little weak, choosing conspiracy over character and neglecting to do anything dynamic with Jadzia, and most of the puzzle in this puzzle show is just too damn obvious. Still, the hallucinations with the masked phantoms is creepy as hell.

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