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DS9 4x14
"Return to Grace"

Original airdate: 2/5/1996
Rewatch date: 2/28/2014

Kira and Dukat hunt a Klingon Bird-of-Prey responsible for murdering delegations from a Cardassian and Bajoran peace conference.

Spoiler-free notes:

It's good to see some pretty immediate repercussions for Dukat after returning to Cardassia with Ziyal at the end of "Indiscretion."

Great, just what I needed, another character pining over Kira.

I have a hard time imagining how the Klingon intelligence network actually functions. Though TOS had a handful of Klingon spies, it seems a lot more difficult in this time period for Klingons to be subtle enough for espionage work.

Though there would have probably been a way to neutralize them as a threat, Dukat's decision to kill the Klingons aboard the freighter is not without merit. They would not have sat idly by while the Cardassians worked to repair their Bird-of-Prey.

Dukat's "I am the only Cardassian left" speech is really good, a nice outburst to remind us how bloodthirsty and arrogant he really is.

His subsequent pleading with Kira to help organize a terrorist-style resistance against the Klingons clearly has an effect on Kira. Even though she refuses to admit it later, she is tempted to make a deal with the devil.

This isn't a bad episode and serves as a natural follow-up to "Indiscretion." The fourth act--in which they best the Klingons--is also pretty exciting and cool. However, having another Kira/Dukat episode so soon feels a bit repetitive, and the episode takes a long time getting to the good stuff near the end.

Spoiler section:

Though his role in this episode is fairly small and unimportant, we see Damar for the first time. He will go on to become a major recurring character, especially during the final two seasons.

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