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DS9 3-01

DS9 3x01
"The Search, Part I"

Original airdate: 9/26/1994
Rewatch date: 7/13/2013

Sisko takes the station's new Federation warship, the Defiant, into the Gamma Quadrant to look for the Founders of the Dominion.

Spoiler-free notes:

What is the deal with Dax's hair? It's totally ridiculous and extremely distracting.

This show continues to push the envelope. I'm not certain if Roddenberry would have approved of a Federation warship (with a cloaking device to boot), but holy crap is it a good new idea. I like that the Defiant was molded by the Borg attack on Wolf 359, not only because it makes sense but also because she has something in common with her commander.

Didn't this exact same thing happen with Odo and a Starfleet security officer in "The Passenger"?

This is the episode where I feel the writers have finally cracked Sisko, as a character. The Dominion threat to Bajor gives him a motivation he seriously lacked up to this point, and the fact that he recognizes this only gives him more energy and drive.

Bashir bitching and moaning about the size of the Defiant sick bay seems very different from how Bashir reacted when he first got to the station and saw its sick bay. I thought this was the guy who was excited about working frontier medicine under extreme restrictions. It's a pretty significant out-of-character moment.

Odo's outburst at Quark is intense. He's never shown that kind of anger before.

I really like the purple beetle-like design of the Dominion ships.

You'd think the Dominion would have informed the Karemma of a change to the trade agreement, seeing as how they have promised to destroy any ships coming through the wormhole.

The actress playing the Romulan security officer, in a word, sucks.

This is an episode about home, from the opening scene where the crew discusses how they should defend their home to the closing moments when Odo is welcomed home. There are several scenes that play on this motif, but make no mistakes: this episode is about Odo. It's easy not to notice (unless you already know how the episode ends), but everything that happens is a direct reflection on the chaos going on with Odo's character and his place in DS9. Granted, the story around Odo is incredibly distracting and awesome, culminating in a hardcore battle sequence that sets a new bar for Star Trek. I'll have more to say on all of this for the second half, of course.

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