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The Currents of Space - Summer of Asimov I
The Galactic Empire Trilogy finally finds its groove. [8/6/2020]
The Stars, Like Dust - Summer of Asimov I
The Geek dissects the grandmaster's least favorite Asimov novel. [7/30/2020]
Pebble in the Sky - Summer of Asimov I
It's a bit clunky, but as first novels go, this introduction to the Galactic Empire is entertaining enough. [7/23/2020]
I, Robot (film) - Summer of Asimov I
The Geek gets on his soapbox to defend the best Asimov film adaptation to date. [7/16/2020]
Robots and Empire - Summer of Asimov I
The final robot novel is more thematically dense than it might appear, but is it really more than just a bridging episode between two bigger stories? [7/9/2020]
The Robots of Dawn - Summer of Asimov I
Asimov begins tying his robots into his other series in a mixed bag of a novel. [6/25/2020]