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The Puppet Masters (Summer of Heinlein) - Book Review
While flawed, this prototypical alien invasion story is one of Heinlein's best early works. [6/20/2019]
Destination Moon (Summer of Heinlein) - Movie Review
The film that kicked off the golden age of sci-fi cinema is also an important milestone for Heinlein. [6/13/2019]
Rocket Ship Galileo (Summer of Heinlein) - Book Review
With this early juvenile about kids fighting space Nazis on the moon, the Geek kicks off his exploration of another Big Three sci-fi giant. [6/6/2019]
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) - Movie Review
The Geek reviews the latest in Legendary's MonsterVerse, a movie that sacrifices gritty realism for giant monster spectacle. [6/1/2019]
The Mothra Reviews
The Geek reviews the original Mothra and the 90's Rebirth of Mothra trilogy, along with 1956's Rodan. [5/30/2019]
Eye in the Sky by Philip K. Dick - Sci-Fi Classic Review
This early work by the psychedelic sci-fi master is a great concept that shows immense potential, but it's not for everyone. [5/23/2019]