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This might not only save cinemas, but more importantly, it might save Legendary's MonsterVerse. [4/1/2021]
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This extended and improved version of a cinematic trainwreck is a major victory for artistic integrity, but it's still a flawed film. [3/25/2021]
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A reboot that aims to get back to basics, this entry in the Universal franchise is unfortunately uninspired. [3/18/2021]
Invisible Agent - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review
This is the most uneven entry in the classic Invisible Man franchise, but it's also the most financially successful. [3/11/2021]
The Ghost of Frankenstein - Sci-Fi Classic Film Review
The fourth entry in the classic Universal Frankenstein franchise is where it devolves into formulaic mediocrity. [3/4/2021]
Robert Wise: The Motion Pictures by J.R. Jordan - Book Review
A fascinating dive into the work of an overlooked cinematic genius. [2/25/2021]