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IGIST by L.S. Larson - Book Review
This is a sci-fi adventure so good, it deserves to be a phenomenon. [8/22/2019]
The Number of the Beast (Summer of Heinlein) - Book Review
The Geek sums up what he's learned about Heinlein and touches on one of the master's most notorious missteps. [8/15/2019]
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (Summer of Heinlein) - Book Review
If you can only read one Heinlein novel, make it this one. [8/8/2019]
Stranger in a Strange Land (Summer of Heinlein) - Book Review
Heinlein's most famous novel deals with aliens, hippy religion, and the sexual revolution. [8/1/2019]
Starship Troopers (Summer of Heinlein) - Movie Review
Thrown together from an unrelated script and directed by someone who hated the novel, this film is an offense to the source material. [7/25/2019]
Starship Troopers (Summer of Heinlein) - Book Review
Deeply provocative and easily misunderstood, Starship Troopers is arguably Heinlein's most influential work. [7/18/2019]