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Top 5 Bond Girls & Henchmen

Pussy Galore
3. Pussy Galore

Speaking of ridiculous names, next up is probably the most well-known Bond girl, Pussy Galore. Though she starts Goldfinger as a henchman, she is turned to the light side after a roll in the hay with James Bond, who apparently has the ability to control women after having sex with them. Pussy is the archetypal Bond girl, a strong woman who owns her own business and gives our hero a leg up in the climactic battle, rather than just being a damsel in distress.

2. Donald "Red" Grant
From Russia with Love
Red Grant

Red Grant, played by Robert Shaw, is an assassin under the employ of S.P.E.C.T.R.E. in From Russia with Love. He is a cunning spy who utilizes subterfuge to get the jump on Bond aboard a train, leading to one of the greatest bare-knuckle fight scenes on celluloid. Grant deserves his place on this list because he is an equal match to James Bond in every way that matters, and if it weren't for Q-branch's gadgetry, Bond quite probably wouldn't have survived their encounter.

Anya Amasova
2. Anya Amasova
The Spy Who Loved Me

A KGB agent whose lover is killed by Bond at the start of The Spy Who Loved Me, Anya and Bond form a shaky alliance in order to work together to stop Karl Stromberg. They playfully spend much of the movie trying to prove how they are better spies than one another, so that when they start to fall in love, it feels organic and natural. The fact that the romance is cut short when Anya realizes what Bond did makes their relationship interesting, although it's a shame the story never chooses to resolve that particular plot point.

1. Jaws
The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker

It's hard to pin down what, exactly, makes Jaws so awesome. He is an enormous beast of a man with metal teeth that can bite through virtually anything, including thick skylift cables. Physically dominating and terrifying, Jaws is the only henchman to appear more than once under the employ of two different villains. He also has a surprising twist of character in the final act of Moonraker, in which he finds love and realizes that he should be accepted for his differences rather than exploited for them. Most notable, though, is the fact that Bond never truly defeats him, despite multiple attempts to do so. Heck, just like in that other movie, not even Robert Shaw could defeat Jaws.

Vesper Lynd
1. Vesper Lynd
Casino Royale

Of all the Bond girls, including Teresa di Vicenzo (the woman who would marry him and briefly become Tracy Bond), none have developed a better chemistry with James Bond than Vesper Lynd, the anti-heroine of Casino Royale. She bests Bond in their verbal sparring matches; stands up to his recklessness; saves his life; falls in love with him; and then ultimately outwits him. This betrayal is a defining moment for Bond, and it continues to resonate today. If Bond ever had one true love, it isn't Tracy, but Vesper.

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-e. magill 2/3/2016


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