Below is a list of political rants I have written over the years on a wide range of subject matter. Before you begin, know that my political opinions (along with my tone and style) do evolve and change over time, and know that, while I link to Internet source and/or reading material, the nature of an equally mercurial World Wide Web ensures that many of my older links and even a few of the new ones will be obsolete and non-functional. Also note that I have no desire for my political views to taint your opinion of my creative works, so if you are sensitive in the area of politics (as so many of us are), please try not to take it personally or hold my opinions against me.

If you have a calm disposition, a good sense of humor, and are interested in the political mind of e. magill, however, then by all means read on...

26.Further Deconstructing the Myth of Man Made Global Warming06/26/2007
25.Let Me Be Crystal Clear on the Subject of Global Warming02/02/2007
24.Moral Outrage from the Left: Hypocrisy in the Foley Scandal10/05/2006
23.Understanding the Stakes without a Partisan Spin09/27/2006
22.Terrorism Redux: Motivation Doesn’t Change the Situation02/08/2006
21.The Doomsday Scenario Update: Continued (and Largely Ignored) News on the Iraq WMD Front04/21/2004
20.WMDs in Iraq and the Problem of Bipartisan Politics03/20/2004
19.Modern American Immigration Policy and Its Proposed Changes: The Substantive Angle01/08/2004
18.Drug War Tyranny and the Unabated Increase of Political Power over Liberty12/23/2003
17.Proof of Iraqi Possession of Illegal Munitions from France, Russia, and South Africa?10/23/2003
16.The Metaphorical Mona Lisa and the Political Coin: “Hunting” for Media Bias10/06/2003
15.Joseph Wilson’s War on Bush: Why is this a Top Story on my Television?10/01/2003
14.Iraq is Free, a Dictator is Dethroned, Terrorists are Failing, and that is NOT a Bad Thing 09/24/2003
13.Keep the Nannies out of Government: Who Dictates Good Behavior?09/15/2003
12.Calling for an End to the Occupation07/23/2003
11.“Deep and Seemingly Absolute Convictions”: A Summary of Roe v. Wade and its Latest Challenge 06/18/2003
10.Chris Hedges and the Graduating Class at Rockford College: Whose Voice is More Unpopular?05/23/2003
09.Bloodthirsty for Hypocrites: The Problem with Moral Relativism05/07/2003
08.Legalization, Deregulation, Harm Reduction, or Prohibition: What is to be Done with Illicit Drugs? 05/05/2003
07.One Version of the Iraq Argument04/04/2003
06.The Authority of the U.N. 03/22/2003
05.The Pro-America Rally: My Rebuttal to a Reaction to a Response about Anti-War02/27/2003
04.The Great American Oil Conspiracy02/03/2003
03.A Small Victory of Common Sense over the War on Substances01/27/2003
02.Neo-segregation: How Martin Luther King’s Dream has Festered a New Divisiveness01/20/2003
01.Should We Go to War: Contemplations over Iraq12/30/2002

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